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How The GOP Shifting The Amnesty Debate To Jobs And Wages May Win Over Hispanics

GOP’s dollars and cents may trump Democrats’ race and culture

Secular Stagnation Is A Cover-Up

U.S. President Obama talks about the economy at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia

Failed Keynesian policies have blocked growth.

The Obama Economic Record: The Worst Five Years Since World War II

US President Barack Obama waves goodbye to reporters after a statement and taking questions at the White House in Washington

To get the economy growing again, nearly every Obama-era policy will need to be reversed.

Greedy, heartless Wal-Mart customers say no to higher prices

A Wal-Mart Stores Inc company distribution center in Bentonville

Peter Schiff finds plenty of sympathy but no takers for his pay-more-now plan

10 RICHEST People in World History [SLIDESHOW]

You’ll never guess who makes the cut

Walter Williams: 'Americans deserve the IRS'

Walter Williams
'In order to get 50 percent of what Americans produce, you need an agency that is capable of putting the fear of God into the American citizen'

Mexicans slam Obama for being out of touch on economic issues

Mexico US Obama.JPEG

‘What Mexico was he talking about?’

Economist: Immigration reform can revive U.S. economy


Douglas Holtz-Eakin says immigration reform ‘can improve economic growth and the budgetary outlook’

St. Louis Fed president: 'I'd be willing to scale back on QE' - TheDCNF

James Bullard/ AP Photo

Despite a substandard jobs report from last Friday, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard thinks it might be time to scale back the central bank’s asset purchasing program known as quantitative easing.

Is this man America's worst economics writer?


Move over, Krugman! AP’s Martin Crutsinger gets nominated for the ultimate econ Razzie

Biden and Ryan differ sharply on government's role in innovation

Vice President Joe Biden believes that the government has been behind ‘every single great idea’ of the past two centuries.

On the eve of perestroika

Over the past decade, the US economy has performed about as well as the Soviet economy performed during the USSR’s final years.

Fool's gold: British taxpayer is Olympics' biggest loser

The London Olympics are expected to cost $38.5 billion.

Always look on the bright side of Armageddon: Paul Krugman vs. Uncle Dan

Enough with the doomsayers. Bring on the doom – the sooner, the better.

Romney is right about the importance of being able to fire people - TheDC Opinion

Ann Coulter

Earlier this year, Romney said, ‘I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.’

Extend the Bush tax cuts now

John Boehner’s pro-growth message is heroic.

As oil prices fall, do speculators deserve credit? - TheDCNF

Oil Prices Speculators

The price of oil on the futures market and the spot market has been falling rapidly, after rising sharply in the beginning of May, tumbling 21 percent this month. It was only back in February when rapidly rising oil prices produced fears of a prolonged recession and stunted global growth. Many politicians, including President Barack [...]

Even if austerity is great, it won't work in Europe

Europe and America are so different that nothing that succeeds or fails in one should be assumed to work or not work in the other.

How to restore trust in mortgage-backed securities

Mortgage finance risk won’t return to the private sector until investors have faith in mortgage-backed securities.

The real confidence fairy

Why Paul Krugman’s supreme confidence in his economic theories is misplaced.