China's Economy Soars As US Stumbles

World | Christopher Brooks
China's President Xi Jinping makes a toast during a banquet in Hong Kong, China June 30, 2017. REUTERS/Dale de la Rey/Pool - RTS1995H

Projections aren’t great

Biden Claims 'China Isn't Eating Our Lunch'

Business | Hayley Hoefer
Vice President Joe Biden

What recession?

Debt now equals total U.S. economy - Washington Times

US | interns

Obama predicts that the national debt will reach $15 trillion, equal to the entire U.S. economy

Dow: Best January in 14 years - MarketWatch

Business | interns

Encouraging news for the US stock market as Dow numbers indicate best January in years

Legal bills for Fannie and Freddie abuses cost taxpayers $160 million - NYT

US | interns

Since the government takeover the government has been footing the legal bills for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Wall Street starts new year with a surge - NYT

Business | interns

Wall Street indexes started the new year with sharp gains on Monday, extending the late-2010 rally on optimistic signs about a global recovery

Sears and K-Mart team up to launch movie download service - Mashable

Business | Laura Donovan

K-Mart and Sears are coming together to start a movie download service, which will offer film rentals for $3.99 and new releases at $19.99

America's financial future: Our choice ... but not for long

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

We can either pass a balanced budget amendment now or wait for China and others to impose a more abrupt and painful balanced budget upon us.

America's youth need a balanced budget amendment: It's the path to real hope and change

Opinion | Lucy Morrow Caldwell

Young people have the most to lose from Washington’s out-of-control spending.

GARY JOHNSON: The tax cut bill is just not good enough - TheDC Opinion

Feature:Opinion | Gary Johnson

Attaching tens of billions in spending to the tax cut extension simply doesn’t make sense.

Tax-cut politics live in strange places

Energy | Pete Sepp

Hardworking Americans shouldn’t be demonized for their success.

Funny money - Boston Herald

US | wrahn

A printing gaffe has affected $1.1 billion worth of new hundred-dollar bills and could cost taxpayers up to $120 million

Higher taxes, more spending, deep defense cuts -- how is Bowles-Simpson a compromise?

Opinion | J.D. Foster

The plan is a compromise between the left and the far left.

Holiday shopping boosts automakers - LAT

Business | interns

Automakers report sales gains in November

Extend tax cuts for all Americans

Opinion | Rep. Phil Roe

Democrats shouldn’t be playing politics with tax cuts.

HERMAN CAIN: Americans aren't stupid - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Herman Cain

Most Americans see through Democrats’ class-warfare rhetoric and know that extending the Bush tax cuts for everybody makes sense.

Tax rates and the sordid soul of the left

Opinion | Edward Hudgins

The debate over extending the Bush tax cuts for high earners is revealing the left’s true colors.

Wal-Mart gives in, offers free shipping before holiday rush - NYT

US | interns

Wal-Mart throws itself into the holiday season shipping fray to revive sales

Obama: Recession could be permanent - WaPo

Politics | interns

Obama says he fears economy could enter ‘new normal’ of low job growth

Dow reaches highest level in two years - WaPo

Business | interns

Dow climbs to highest since Lehman, 30-year bond slides on Fed