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Biden Claims 'China Isn't Eating Our Lunch'

Vice President Joe Biden

What recession?

Debt now equals total U.S. economy - Washington Times

Obama predicts that the national debt will reach $15 trillion, equal to the entire U.S. economy

Dow: Best January in 14 years - MarketWatch

Encouraging news for the US stock market as Dow numbers indicate best January in years

Legal bills for Fannie and Freddie abuses cost taxpayers $160 million - NYT

Since the government takeover the government has been footing the legal bills for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Wall Street starts new year with a surge - NYT

Wall Street indexes started the new year with sharp gains on Monday, extending the late-2010 rally on optimistic signs about a global recovery

Sears and K-Mart team up to launch movie download service - Mashable

K-Mart and Sears are coming together to start a movie download service, which will offer film rentals for $3.99 and new releases at $19.99

America's financial future: Our choice ... but not for long

We can either pass a balanced budget amendment now or wait for China and others to impose a more abrupt and painful balanced budget upon us.

America's youth need a balanced budget amendment: It's the path to real hope and change

Young people have the most to lose from Washington’s out-of-control spending.

GARY JOHNSON: The tax cut bill is just not good enough - TheDC Opinion

Attaching tens of billions in spending to the tax cut extension simply doesn’t make sense.

Tax-cut politics live in strange places

Hardworking Americans shouldn’t be demonized for their success.

Funny money - Boston Herald

A printing gaffe has affected $1.1 billion worth of new hundred-dollar bills and could cost taxpayers up to $120 million

Higher taxes, more spending, deep defense cuts -- how is Bowles-Simpson a compromise?

The plan is a compromise between the left and the far left.

Holiday shopping boosts automakers - LAT

Automakers report sales gains in November

Extend tax cuts for all Americans

Democrats shouldn’t be playing politics with tax cuts.

HERMAN CAIN: Americans aren't stupid - TheDC Opinion

Most Americans see through Democrats’ class-warfare rhetoric and know that extending the Bush tax cuts for everybody makes sense.

Tax rates and the sordid soul of the left

The debate over extending the Bush tax cuts for high earners is revealing the left’s true colors.

Wal-Mart gives in, offers free shipping before holiday rush - NYT

Wal-Mart throws itself into the holiday season shipping fray to revive sales

Obama: Recession could be permanent - WaPo

Obama says he fears economy could enter ‘new normal’ of low job growth

Dow reaches highest level in two years - WaPo

Dow climbs to highest since Lehman, 30-year bond slides on Fed

Non-profit: Freddie Mac reports $2.5 billion loss - WSJ

In the two years following a government takeover, the taxpayers’ tab for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stands at about $134 billion