Betsy DeVos' Confirmation Is A Win For Parents And Students

Opinion | Rep. Luke Messer
Betsy DeVos arrives at the Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee confirmation hearing to be next Secretary of Education on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 17, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

No child’s access to educational opportunities should be determined by zip code or economic status.

Virginia School Board Defends Politically Correct Sign In Classrooms

Education | Heather Hunter
Inside a classroom and day care center with school desks and small red chairs. [ChiccoDodiFC - Shutterstock]

Not ‘inappropriately political’ but ‘historical’

America's Public Education Regime Is Unconstitutional

Opinion | David Benkof
A classroom in Sweden [Getty Images/David Ramos]

It’s not “free exercise” if laws mean keeping your faith costs a fortune.

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Makes More Sense Than You've Heard

Opinion | David Benkof

Statistics cannot be the only factor determining how we educate our children.

School Choice Should Be Part Of Modern Civil Rights Movement

Opinion | Lance Lemmonds
Inside a classroom and day care center with school desks and small red chairs. [ChiccoDodiFC - Shutterstock]

Low-income and minority parents should have the opportunity to change their child’s circumstances in life.

Obama's Education Department Admits: Effort To Save "Failing" Public Schools Was Disaster

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence

Big Government coddling of public schools in the guise of “tough love” clearly doesn’t work.

University of Iowa Takes Measures To Diversify Faculty

Education | Jason Chulack
Image: Shutterstock

‘It’s impossible to do without a pipeline of diverse faculty to draw from’

Neighborhood Gentrification And Education May Deter Violent Criminals

Opinion | Gary Lai

There is a strong case for gentrification of Los Angeles and education for lower-income residents.

5 Ideas For Secretary-Nominee To Devolve Education Policy From Washington To The States

Opinion | Karen Nussle
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump (L) stands with Betsy DeVos after their meeting at the main clubhouse at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, U.S., November 19, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

The secretary-nominee of education should keep Washington out of our state education systems.

Biased Classroom Politics: Another Reason For School Choice

Opinion | Lance Izumi

The bottom line is that politicizing the classroom negatively affects students.

Los Angeles School Board President Compares Trump Election To Natural Disaster

Opinion | Tony Lima

If you had any remaining doubts about how essential public school reform is, this should sweep them away.

Less Snowflakes, More Grit

Opinion | Gavin Wax
REUTERS/Philimon Bulaway
A return to our historical roots is what is needed.

Canada Proves You Don't Need A Federal Department Of Education

Opinion | Jason Clemens

Canada’s decentralized approach to K-12 education is a lesson for the U.S.

Gulliver's Travels And Common Core

Opinion | Jamie Gass

Common Core excludes the world’s great satires from its list of so-called “exemplar texts.”

A Teachable Moment For American History

Opinion | Callista Gingrich
School Bus: (Credit: Stuart Monk /

Each of us has a responsibility to help make sure the next generation knows who we are.

Growth Of School Choice Perturbs Government Lords

Opinion | Robert Holland

Is federal money worth the loss of your academic freedom?

Moving School Choice Outside The Government Box

Opinion | David Anderson

Once K–12 education is back at the state level, we need as few as one state successfully privatizing to help the other states see their way toward education freedom.

Courts Can Choose Educational Freedom In Nevada and Florida

Opinion | Adam Jones & Skylar Zander

If the courts rule against school choice, parents may lose the freedom they have recently gained: to choose an education option that best fits their children’s needs.

Students At This Massachusetts Elementary Can Kiss Homework Goodbye

Education | Annabel Scott
A school bus sits parked along a street in the Queens borough of New York

Essex Elementary teachers can put down the red pens and their students can jump for joy