Washington Doesn't Know Best

Opinion | Daniel Garza
Hillary Clinton, Screen Grab CNN, 5-19-2016

It’s time for Hillary Clinton — and others — to take a new approach.

Will Texas End Federal Control Over Education?

Opinion | Carole Hornsby Haynes
Students are dismissed from Conrad High School where a fellow classmate who was in contact with a man diagnosed with the Ebola virus was staying has been removed from school  in Dallas, Texas

‘The President does not have the authority to force our families to follow these absurd guidelines.’

One In Four 2016 High School Graduates May Be Latino -- And Ready To Vote

Opinion | Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
Space Shuttle Last Stop.JPEG

The Latino tide is rising. Like us or not, you can’t ignore us.

First Grade Girl With No Hands Wins National Penmanship Award

Education | Kerry Picket

And The ‘Wrist’ Is History

No Zero Grades Will Be Given Out At These South Carolina Schools

Education | Carly Rolph
Failed report card (Photo: amboo who/flickr)

‘It doesn’t fail them, it saves them’

Education Choice: Individualizing Education For Every Child

Opinion | Lennie Jarratt
GED Changes.JPEG

Every child deserves a quality education that fits his or her individual needs and learning style.

A Failing Grade In U.S. History

Opinion | Callista Gingrich
US Constitution Getty Images

All of us who care about our country’s future must work to promote an understanding of its past.

Study: Texas And Florida Lead Education Results Among Biggest 5 States, California Last

Opinion | Chuck DeVore
Texas State Capitol

One thing that should be clear from the Urban Institute study is that money itself in public education is little guarantee of success.

Students At Portland State Will Study Ways To Dismantle 'Whiteness'

Education | Anthony Gockowski
Students asking questions during classroom discussion. (Getty Images/Victoria Pearson)

A few other universities across the country will be exploring similar subjects

Is Khan Academy The Remedy For Public Education Failure Factories?

Opinion | Bill Frezza

Teachers unions can learn to adapt and ride the wave of education innovation, or continue clinging to their 19th century ways.

Virginia Students Suspended For Wearing Confederate Flag Clothing

Education | Philip DeVoe
Confederate Flag

‘They say that it’s a racist thing even though it’s not.’

Israel's School Funding Fight Could Shut Down Jesus' Tomb

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
Serbian Orthodox Christian pilgrims carry wooden crosses as they walk along the Via Dolorosa (Way of Suffering), during the Good Friday procession in Jerusalem's old city on April 10, 2015. (GALI TIBBON/AFP/Getty Images)

Claiming discrimination by Israeli government

More Than 1 Million Foreigners Are Studying In The US

Education | David Hookstead
Protesters march through the University of California at Berkeley campus in Berkeley

Most international students are studying in STEM fields

Why Should "Living Wage" Workers Even Go To School?

Opinion | Aaron Johnson
Alarcon holds a sign before the Los Angeles City Council approved a proposal to increase the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour in Los Angeles, California

Think about it: when people consider their quality of life unacceptable, they seek better options.

NEA Advocates For Mandatory And Expensive Ethnic Studies Course

Education | Taylor Beck
Player Dies-Graduation.JPEG

‘Taxpayer dollars will go to staffing costs’

Reauthorizing No Child Left Behind Will Stop Federal Common Core Push

Opinion | Sen. Pat Roberts
No Child Left Behind.JPEG

‘State academic standards will once again be a state decision when the bill passes into law. Period.’

Va. County Imposes Transgender Lessons On Middle Schoolers

Education | Kerry Picket
Transgender Bathrooms (Photos: Stock Images)

‘I predict there’s going to be a lot of unexcused absences in the future…’

Obama's College Ratings Won't Actually Rate Colleges

Education | Taylor Beck
U.S. President Barack Obama waves to the audience after his remarks at the Catholic Health Association conference in Washington June 9, 2015. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

‘Consumer-friendly informational database preferred’

Chicago Graduation Rate Doesn't Show Full Picture

Education | Alex Pfeiffer
A playground is seen behind a locked gate at Woods Elementary Math & Science Academy in Chicago

‘Basically, we found that many high schools in the city were mislabeling students when they left’

LA School District Lowers Minimum Grade Needed To Pass College Prep Classes

Education | Taylor Beck
full facing school bus Getty Images

Can’t improve? Just change the standard!