Harvard Professor: Education Gap Has Unraveled American Dream

Education | Evan Wilt
Richard Murnane presents at the American Institute for Research on Feb. 18, 2015

Gaps between rich and poor grow larger

Dropout Of The Presidential Race: The Miseducation Of Scott Walker

Opinion | W. James Antle III

Nobody here but us dummies

Republicans Back School Choice In Capitol Hill Rally

Education | Nick Givas

Only one Democrat lawmaker in attendance

Celebrate School Choice Week Because All Children Are Different

Opinion | Andrew Campanella
school choice now. Photo: Getty Images

The dangers of the “knowledge gap”

Special Ed. Teacher's Aide Arrested For Drug Possession

Education | Mickey Hanley
Marijuana plants

‘I don’t think [she] should continue to teach our children’

Public Turning Against Dems On Education

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Losing advantage over GOP

University Kickstarts Campus-wide Discrimination Initiative To Squelch Freedom Of Speech

Education | Emma Colton

Now literally anyone and anything can be deemed biased or offensive

Bizarro Professor Who Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism Has TWEETED Himself Out Of A Job

Education | Emma Colton
Anti-Semitic Cartoon (YouTube Screenshot/infolivetvenglish)

‘Apparently, these tweets have cost him his job offer at U. Illinois’

Democrats Turning Against Teachers Unions

Education | Alex Pfeiffer
Barack Obama high-fives children in a pre-kindergarten classroom at College Heights early childhood learning center in Decatur

‘Awarding tenure to someone without a track record of improving student achievement doesn’t respect…teaching’

Report: Most US Teacher Training Programs Are Still Awful

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Reynolds High School students

Over half of all programs grade out at the lowest level

Pa. Schools Spike Taxes Without Vote To Preserve Pensions

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Detroit city workers and retirees protest against the city's municipal bankruptcy filing, outside the Federal courthouse in Detroit

The state’s pension shortfall is the fourth-worst in the country

NYC School Admins To Parents: Your Children Are Disgustingly Fat

Education | Robby Soave
Heavy Weights / Youtube screenshot

‘I know that I’m not overweight’

In Need Of A Bailout: The 'Che Cafe,' A Co-Op Run By Commie-Loving Students

Education | Robby Soave
People carry an image of revolution leader Che Guevara during the May Day parade in Havana's Revolution Square

Will UC-San Diego cough up the cash?

Columbia U.'s 'RAPISTS ON CAMPUS' Bathroom Graffiti Gets Student Canned

Education | Robby Soave
Columbia University / Wikimedia Commons

‘Would have tacitly endorsed a rape culture we so firmly stand against’

School Standards Are A Moral Responsibility

Opinion | Carlos Campo
Elementary School Classroom

Common Core is a reasonable, state-led effort that will help students achieve better results

Liz Warren Is Confused: Why Do They Think I'm A Socialist?

Politics | Robby Soave
Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears at the Senate Banking Housing and Urban Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘I don’t know where they get that’

Deputy Who Choked Student Gets To Retire, Won't Face Charges

Education | Robby Soave
Frank Phillips / Knox County Sheriff's Office Screenshot

Was this assault?