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University Kickstarts Campus-wide Discrimination Initiative To Squelch Freedom Of Speech


Now literally anyone and anything can be deemed biased or offensive

Bizarro Professor Who Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism Has TWEETED Himself Out Of A Job

Anti-Semitic Cartoon (YouTube Screenshot/infolivetvenglish)

‘Apparently, these tweets have cost him his job offer at U. Illinois’

Democrats Turning Against Teachers Unions

Barack Obama high-fives children in a pre-kindergarten classroom at College Heights early childhood learning center in Decatur

‘Awarding tenure to someone without a track record of improving student achievement doesn’t respect…teaching’

Report: Most US Teacher Training Programs Are Still Awful

Reynolds High School students

Over half of all programs grade out at the lowest level

Pa. Schools Spike Taxes Without Vote To Preserve Pensions

Detroit city workers and retirees protest against the city's municipal bankruptcy filing, outside the Federal courthouse in Detroit

The state’s pension shortfall is the fourth-worst in the country

NYC School Admins To Parents: Your Children Are Disgustingly Fat

Heavy Weights / Youtube screenshot

‘I know that I’m not overweight’

In Need Of A Bailout: The 'Che Cafe,' A Co-Op Run By Commie-Loving Students

People carry an image of revolution leader Che Guevara during the May Day parade in Havana's Revolution Square

Will UC-San Diego cough up the cash?

Columbia U.'s 'RAPISTS ON CAMPUS' Bathroom Graffiti Gets Student Canned

Columbia University / Wikimedia Commons

‘Would have tacitly endorsed a rape culture we so firmly stand against’

School Standards Are A Moral Responsibility

Elementary School Classroom

Common Core is a reasonable, state-led effort that will help students achieve better results

Liz Warren Is Confused: Why Do They Think I'm A Socialist?

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appears at the Senate Banking Housing and Urban Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘I don’t know where they get that’

Deputy Who Choked Student Gets To Retire, Won't Face Charges

Frank Phillips / Knox County Sheriff's Office Screenshot

Was this assault?

What Rights? School Suspends Student For Protesting Big Government

Mason Michalec / KHOU screenshot

‘I’m really tired of government taking advantage of us’

Students, It's Illegal To Wear An American Flag Shirt On Cinco De Mayo

American flag shirt / CBS news screenshot

‘They silenced a symbol of patriotism and freedom in America’

'I Started A Whole Fake Hate-Crime Thing... So I Didn't Have To Do My Homework'

Bad Teacher / Youtube screenshot

‘That’s the level of hubris that I was working under’

Newsweek Attacks Louis C.K. For Daring To Challenge Common Core

Louis CK / Letterman Youtube screenshot

‘He has used that bully pulpit to malign an earnest effort’

The Major Factual Error In The White House Report On Sexual Assault

President Obama. Reuters.

1-in-5-women-are-raped statistic is untrue, experts say