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7 Egyptian women we hope the Angel of Death passes over

Don’t take them just yet

Internet governance agency employs former Mubarak official that shut down Egyptian Internet

Egyptian Minister of Communications and IT Kamel speaks during conference at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona

‘Your name will forever be associated with an unprecedented human rights violation’

Hamas says rival Fatah men exiled from Gaza can return

Members of Palestinian security forces loyal to Hamas march on a street in Gaza City

‘What the Palestinian people really want is a genuine end to the division’

Obama accused of crimes against humanity in International Court

Ousted former Egyptian president Mursi speaks with other senior figures of the Muslim Brotherhood in a cage in a courthouse on the first day of his trial, in Cairo

Support for Muslim Brotherhood earns 2009 Nobel Peace laureate a criminal accusation

Report: U.S. will withhold most Egyptian military aid

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Some money may still flow

String of attacks in Egypt raises specter of Islamic insurgency

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‘Growing sprawl of jihadi groups’

Egyptian Christians forced to pay tax for their religion

Mideast Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood threatening Christians with death if “jizya” tax not paid

Krauthammer on US-Syria fallout: Chances of Israeli strike on Iran are double

‘The Israelis know there is no hope of any help from outside. They’re going to have to go it alone, if they go it at all’

White House spokesman jokes about Islamic attacks on Christian churches in Egypt

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‘I didn’t bring my red pen out with me today’

'Nightmare scenario': Egyptian Christians under assault

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‘It’s a scapegoating’

Egyptian military aid frozen?

Mideast Egypt

Senator says yes, White House denies

Obama formally sidesteps anti-coup law


Will avoid deciding whether military overthrow of an elected government qualifies as a coup

Aid De-Nile

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‘Too little, too late to be a game-changer’

Cold-blooded killing?

Man versus tank: Man loses

Rand Paul on Egypt aid: Stop 'projecting American weakness'

Rand Paul

‘How does their conscience feel now?’

BEDFORD: Who feels bad for the Muslim Brotherhood?

Let me play you the world’s smallest violin

MOWED DOWN: Egyptian Army opens fire on protesters

Several were seriously injured

This is why you always look behind you before you back up [VIDEO]

The Egyptian army clearly didn’t pass driver’s ed

Cairo inferno

The true scale of the destruction is seen at night

Woman gunned down by Egyptian forces

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Killing comes as Obama announces U.S. neutrality in fighting