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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Would Send Colorado National Guard To Defend The Border

United States National Guard troops patrol along the U.S. and Mexico border in Nogales

‘I would certainly step up and do my part’

Arizona Common Core Foe Triumphs In Primary

Hindenburg disaster Common Core Getty Images

Biggest win by opponents in state where standards are still in place

This One Vote Could Help Republicans' Chances Of Taking Back The Senate

It’s all up to leadership now

GOP Challenger Slams Progressive Pat Murphy For Saying Illegals Could Become Terrorists

“This is one of the most irresponsible things I’ve heard a politician say’

Hickenlooper Hints At Clemency For Death Row Inmate If He Loses Re-election

Says convict’s life shouldn’t be a ‘political football’ in the race

Another 2,000 Insurance Policies Cancelled In Colorado


Thanks, Obamacare

Genetically Modified Food Labeling Initiative Makes The Colorado Ballot

Critics say if it passes it will ‘absolutely raise food prices’

Gov. Perry Says Obama's Border Policy Is Gift To Jihadis

Other GOP leaders are focusing on economic impact of immigration

Marijuana Industry Raises Money For Anti-Pot Governor

But not everyone in the industry is high on the incumbent

Billionaire Environmentalist Hits Cory Gardner With First Attack Ad

Colorado Senate race may be most expensive

Small Businesses Weigh In Against Obamacare, EPA Ahead Of November


Anti-biz pols ‘should not expect to receive Main Street America‚Äôs vote’

Democratic Candidates Won't Talk About Ferguson Fracas

It’s as if they think Ferguson riots are a threat

Rhode Island Dem Fights Unions Over Pensions

‘A little disingenuous’

Hickenlooper: 'Being The Alpha Dog Just Doesn't Fit Me'

Colorado governor turns against the death penalty

Nation's Toughest House Race Hinges On Immigration

‘What I’m trying to do is find solutions’

Tom Steyer: Environmentalists 'Are The Biggest Drop-Off Voters'

So the new plan is to get them off the couch in November

ABC Reporter To WH Spox: Will 'Hypocritical' Obama Ask Dems To Return Donations From 'Unpatriotic' Companies?

‘Profiting off the very practices the president’s condemned and wants to see stopped’

Hickenlooper On Fracking: 'I Never Said We Needed More Regulation'

‘I guarantee you we’re going to have everybody pissed off again’

No, GOP Senate Candidate Has Not Had His Hips Replaced

‘To be clear, Cory still has both of his original hips’

Former Jared Polis Fans Are So Angry They're Even Insulting His Mother

Handout photo of U.S. Representative Polis talking with two stranded people who were rescued after being spotted by a National Guard helicopter pilot along the Big Thompson River

Colorado Dem called a ‘sellout’ for dropping anti-fracking initiatives