Christie: Jeb Bush 'Hasn't Been In A Relevant Campaign Since 1998'

Elections | Derek Draplin

‘I tell it like it is, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say’

Jindal: 'We Need To Move Away From Hyphenated Americans... We're All Americans'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘We’re not African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Indian-Americas, rich or poor Americans’

Jindal: 'Immigration Without Assimilation Is Invasion'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘Let’s forget this politically correct left notion that we’re not a melting pot anymore.’

Bernie Sanders Thinks The Democratic Party Is 'Dead Wrong' For Limiting Debates

Elections | Steve Guest

Sanders won’t go as far to say that the DNC is ‘rigging’ the system for Hillary

Walker: We Need To 'Empower' Ground Forces To Deal With ISIS

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘It’s not about sending more. It’s about empowering them to unleash the power of the United States’ military.’

Bernie Sanders Says 'The Business Model Of Wall Street Is Fraud'

Elections | Steve Guest

Sanders constrasts himself to Hillary Clinton

Sanders Only 7 Points Behind Hillary In New Iowa Poll

Politics | Kerry Picket
Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign rally in Portland, Maine on July 6, 2015. (Youtube screengrab)

‘The more Iowans get to know Bernie the better they like him’

Some Democrats Offended By Sanders' Rhetoric About 'Registered Democrats'

Elections | Kerry Picket
Bernie Sanders signs an autograph at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines

‘God love Bernie, but thanks for the insult’

Donald Trump Goes After 'Perv' Anthony Weiner

Politics | Chuck Ross

Weiner is married to Hillary’s top aide

Bernie Sanders Tells Democrats That 'Real Unemployment' Number In U.S. Is A Problem

Politics | Kerry Picket

‘We need a massive jobs federal program’

Hillary Says She Sees No Evidence Of Weakened Support Regarding A Biden Candidacy

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I see no evidence’ of Democrats holding off support

Supporters of Sanders Propose 100,000 Person Rally In DC

Elections | Kerry Picket
Bernie Sanders Getty Images/Congressional Quarterly

‘There was interest in learning what the vision for the event is’

Walker Slams Hillary On Sec of State Failures: 'America Is Not Safer'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
WASHINGTON - JUNE 20: Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker listens during the 2011 Governors Summit of U.S. Chamber of Commerce June 20, 2011 in Washington, DC. The summit was to focus on policies that help states to attract businesses and to improve the economy. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

‘I believe the answer is no, America is not safer’

Hillary Tells Fox News Reporter He's Only 'Entitled To' One Question

Elections | Chuck Ross

Clinton and Ed Henry battle again

Ex-Aide Says This Is What Donald Trump Needs To Do To Keep Momentum

Politics | Alex Pappas
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures after arriving for jury duty at Manhattan Supreme Court in New York

‘He wants to win. He wants to be the next president.’

Democratic Presidential Candidate: More Immigration Means More Democrats

Elections | Chuck Ross

‘The fastest growing voting bloc’

Illegal Immigrant Leads 'Pledge Of Allegiance' At DNC Summer Meeting

Politics | Chuck Ross
DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Youtube)

‘We are the party that stands with students like the beautiful young woman who delivered our Pledge of Allegiance’

MSNBC's Scarborough: Hillary's Republican/ISIS Comparison Is 'Gutter Politics At Its Worst'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Gutter politics at its worst to compare people to radical terrorists’

Fiorina: Hillary And The Democrats 'Are The Extremists Here On A Whole Series Of Issues'

Politics | Steve Guest

Hillary ‘comparing any Republican to a terrorist is simply over the line’