Sheriff David Clarke: DNC Is 'Embracing Criminality'

Elections | Steve Guest
Sheriff David Clarke, Megyn Kelly, Screen Grab Fox News, 7-25-2016

If there are no dads, boys grow up ‘to be unmanageable misfits that the police then have to deal with’

Bernie Sanders Is Received At The Democratic Convention Like The Nominee

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
Bernie Sanders

‘No one is more disappointed than I am’

This Is The Democratic Party's Parenting Advice: Ignore Your Children

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Don’t worry about your kids’

Union Leaders Make The Case For Hillary At Democratic Convention

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka speaks at the Democratic National Convention (REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

‘We need a president that wants to raise wages instead of one that thinks wages are too high’

Emails: Top Hillary Staffers Lunch Weekly With Beltway Lobbyists

Elections | Chuck Ross
Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) (R) gets a kiss from her campaign manager Terry McAuliffe at an election night rally at the Marriott Hotel May 20, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky

Bull sessions are more evidence DNC favored Clinton

Warren: Dividing People By Race Keeps 'Powerful On Top'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Divide and Conquer is an old story in America’

Bernie Fans Claim Their Signs Are Being Seized At Convention

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
A man at the Democratic convention allegedly confiscating pro-Sanders signs. [Twitter video screengrab/]

‘They are ripping signs out of people’s hands’

Unions Benefit Big With New Dem Platform

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during the 107th NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 18, 2016. REUTERS/William Philpott

‘Democrats believe that the current minimum wage is a starvation wage and must be increased to a living wage’

Trump's Lawyers Are Hounding Ghostwriter Of 'The Art Of The Deal'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Kevin Daley
Donald Trump gestures

‘There’s no soul there’

Sanders Delegates Slam Clinton For Hiring Wasserman Schultz

Elections | Kerry Picket
Democratic National Convention 2016 (Daily Caller/Kerry Picket)

‘It’s not very political in my opinion’

Hillary's Name Booed At Democratic Convention

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Every time Clinton’s name is mentioned, loud boos ensue. This is a sh**show.’

Trump Surges After RNC In New National Polls

Daily Caller News Foundation | Phillip Stucky
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump greets his wife Melania on stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 18, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

‘Trump’s convention bump’

Check Out Trump's New Nickname For Hillary

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Why did Hillary get rid of her middle name?’

Party Unity? GOP Beats Dems According To National Report

Daily Caller News Foundation | Phillip Stucky
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump introduces Indiana Governor Pence as his vice presidential running mate in New York

Dems who didn’t win nomination switched parties in greater numbers than Republicans

Andrea Mitchell: Democrats 'Anything But' United Heading Into Convention

Elections | Steve Guest

‘This is a work in progress’

Report: Green Billionaire Used His Money To Purchase Dem Party Energy Platform

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
Investor, philanthropist and environmentalist Tom Steyer speaks at the Center for American Progress' 2014 Making Progress Policy Conference in Washington November 19, 2014.

‘Adopted the Steyer agenda word for word’

Clinton Names Disgraced DNC Chair To Key Campaign Position

Daily Caller News Foundation | Phillip Stucky
Democratic U.S. vice presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) speaks after being publicly introduced by Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as her vice presidential running-mate during a campaign rally in Miami, Florida, U.S. July 23, 2016. REUTERS/Scott Audette - RTSJCN0

Clinton praises ‘longtime friend’

DNC Interim Head Once Said She Didn't Want 'White Boys' To Win

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Donna Brazile, Screen Shot ABC's 'This Week' 3-13-2016

Once fired for backing baseless Bush affair claims

McAuliffe Describes DNC Email Debacle As 'Horrible,' Would Have 'Fired Someone On The Spot'

Elections | Kerry Picket
Virginia Democratic governor-elect Terry McAuliffe speaks to supporters during his election night victory rally in Tyson's Corner, Virginia November 5, 2013. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

‘Protest is part of the Democratic Party’

Sanders Booed After Saying 'We Have Got To Elect Hillary Clinton'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘This is the real world that we live in’