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States turn against electric cars as gas tax revenues fall

A Tesla model S is displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show

Unintended consequences

The government just predicted when electric cars will become popular

A staff of Tesla Motors Inc demonstrates how to charge the battery of the Tesla Model S to the media at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show

Gasoline engines will still be the norm decades into the future

Electric cars leave winter drivers out in the cold

Manufacturers have yet to properly winterize electric vehicles

Feds consider rule for electric car noises to alert blind pedestrians

Blind Pedestrians

‘This problem is even bigger for the visually impaired who rely on sounds for guidance’

Pope goes green with new electric cars - TheDCNF

Pope Benedict XVI

Renault gives Benedict XVI two early Christmas presents

'Karma': $107k plug-in hybrid dies on test track, automaker got $528m US loan guarantee - TheDC

This $107,850 plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma had to be towed back to the dealership after a test driver couldn't start it following a brief drive on a test track (YouTube / Consumer Reports)

‘Karma’: $107k plug-in hybrid dies on test track, automaker got $528m US loan guarantee

The TRON Light-cycle's electric motor - Yahoo News

France Autolib

‘The all-electric Light Cycle modeled after the machines in Tron makes a head-snapping case for whisper-quiet technology’

Electric cars get renewed push on Capitol Hill - TheDC

GM Detroit Jobs

Group of business and military leaders rallying behind the cause of electric vehicles, despite poor sales

General Motors: new and improved? - TheDC

GM looking to shake ‘Government Motors’ image

G.M. pushes for U.S. to sell entire stake at I.P.O. - NYT

“We don’t want to be known as Government Motors”

Green Motors: GM transitions with some help from the fed - TheDC

Thanks to a helpful hand from the government, GM is reinventing itself as a green company

White House touts Detroit "success story" - CBS/AP

The Big Three automakers have all announced quarterly profits for the first time in 6 years, and the White House is making sure we know it

Obama pushes green agenda in Michigan - TheDC

The White House has promised nine new electric battery plants to come from $2.4 billion in Recovery Act funds

Plans for new battery plant in Ohio - NYT

Coda Automotive, a California-based electric car company with plans to introduce a sedan late this year, said Tuesday it would build a lithium-ion battery plant in Ohio if it could gain approval of an as-yet unsubmitted Energy Department loan

Ford invests $135 million in electric cars - Bloomberg

Ford Motor Co., working to make a quarter of its vehicles run at least partly on electricity, plans to invest $135 million and add 220 jobs at three Michigan facilities to help it introduce five such models by 2012

GM’s tricky payback

Questioning the legality of General Motors’ ‘refund’

Nissan's electric car will cost less than $32K in US - AP

Nissan Motor Co. says its Leaf electric car will cost $32,780 when it goes on sale in the U.S. at the end of the year

Toyota to give Mazda new technology

Toyota Motor (7203.T) and Mazda Motor (7261.T) announced a deal under which Japan’s top automaker will supply its hybrid technology under licence to Mazda, in the latest link-up within the fast-changing auto industry