Company That Makes Popular Star Wars Games In Hot Water

Business | Rob Shimshock
Darth Vader stands in front of some Storm Troopers in Madame Tussauds Berlin wax museum (Shutterstock/Anton_Ivanov)

‘The industry’s core gamer constituency is getting increasingly unhappy’

Hawaii Launches Investigation Into EA Over Gambling Concerns

Business | Rob Shimshock
Darth Vader stands in front of some Storm Troopers in Madame Tussauds Berlin wax museum (Shutterstock/Anton_Ivanov)

‘We do need help from regulations to help set boundaries’

Voice Actors On Strike, Talks With Video Game Companies Fall Apart

Business | Ted Goodman
Young man enthusiastically playing video games. [Shutterstock - Sanzhar Murzin]

‘Through many months of bargaining with interactive employers, we have not reached a fair agreement’

Screen Actors Guild Set To Strike Over Video Game Industry

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Video Game Controller: Elena Elisseeva/, Strike Sign: John Kershenr/

Strike would commence Oct. 22

EA denies Herman Cain '9-9-9' tie to newest SimCity - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

‘The SimCity team was well into this development process by the time Herman Cain announced his ‘9-9-9′ campaign’

SimCity For Facebook Is Coming - BI

Business | admin

Electronic Arts told the Playfish team in China to drop other games in development and work on Sim City

Electronic Arts execs talk 'Sims Social,' project $1 billion revenue windfall - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

Facebook game phenomenon could put EA in top-tier of global tech companies

Online gaming user experience gets a boost - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

IP provider rolls out new bandwidth management system for online gaming companies, aimed at improving user experience


Tech | Christopher Harrell

NBA Jam, released Tuesday, contains the hidden likeness of President Obama, along with other members of the Democratic and Republican parties

Palin, Obama star in 'NBA Jam' - ESPN

Politics | Julia McClatchy (admin)

EA Sports’ new ‘NBA Jam’ game for the Wii has an unlockable team of Democrats as well as a team of Republicans that includes George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John McCain and Dick Cheney

American kids joining the Taliban? - CNET News

Tech | interns

Newest version of hit game lets players battle as Taliban fighters

Hip options - Chicago Tribune

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Stocks that resonate with young consumers

EA Sports' video game correctly predicts Super Bowl game -

Sports | Jeff Winkler (admin)

Super Bowl XLIV has come and gone, and once again the EA Sports prediction has come true. This brings the grand total of accurate predictions up to six, with 2008 remaining as the only inaccurate game called by the company’s Madden franchise simulation