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Trump Urges Congress To Step In After Supreme Court Axes Deportation Provision

Politics | Kevin Daley
Trump warns of danger to public safety

Scalia Won The Long Game, Justice Kagan Says

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Much closer to Scalia'

Here's How Justice Kagan Almost Didn't Wind Up On SCOTUS

Politics | Kevin Daley
One job offer changed everything

Supreme Court Limits Power To Revoke Citizenship

Politics | Kevin Daley
Unanimous Court strengthens protections for naturalized citizens

Conservatives Dig The New Harvard Law School Dean

Politics | Kevin Daley
'This is a fantastic choice'

Supreme Court Finds Racial Bias In North Carolina Congressional Maps

Politics | Kevin Daley
Court says race predominated in drawing districts

Ginsburg Keeps Streak Alive, Skip Address Given By GOP President

Politics | Kevin Daley
Notorious RBG indeed

SCOTUS Appears Ready To Return Fines To Exonerated Defendants

US | Kevin Daley
This one isn't in doubt

People Are Weighing In On Kellyanne's Husband For Top Legal Role, And Everyone Seems Impressed

Politics | Kevin Daley
Even Clintonistas are saying good things

Supreme Court Appears Divided Over Bond Hearings For Illegal Immigrants

Politics | Kevin Daley
Case asks justices to review unlimited detention for illegal aliens

DIVERSITY: Kagan Says SCOTUS Needs Fewer New Yorkers

US | Kevin Daley
'California does not count'

Now What? Everything You Need To Know About The Supreme Court After Scalia's Death

US | Blake Neff
What cases are affected? What if the Court has a tied decision?

Supreme Court Allows 'Socialized Electricity' To Make Green Energy Profitable

Energy | Andrew Follett
The ruling forces utilities to pay middlemen for "negative electricity" theoretically saved by consumers during times of peak demand.

Protesters Say Harvard Law School's Seal Is Racist And Needs To Be 'Decolonized'

Education | Blake Neff
Time to 'decolonize Harvard Law'

Shocker: American College Students Don't Know Squat About The Constitution

Education | Blake Neff
Habeas corpus? What's that? Can you eat it?

Affirmative Action Could Be Banned By This Time Next Year

Education | Blake Neff
More conservative court has pro-AA activists sweating

Restraining Orders Last Ditch Effort To Stop SCOTUS On Gay Marriage

US | Casey Harper
We're at a pivotal moment in the gay marriage debate

Natural Rights, Civil Obedience, And Republican Government

Opinion | Alan Keyes
Should Justices Kagan and Ginsburg recuse themselves from the same-sex marriage case?

Should Justice Kagan Recuse Herself From Obamacare Case?

Politics | Patrick Howley
Should Justice Kagan recuse herself?

Hobby Lobby: The Cost of Not Offering Health Insurance

Opinion | Andrew Abela and Irene Kim
It's not a cost-neutral alternative to offering plans that conflict with employers' beliefs.

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