A Tiger's tale

Opinion | Ron Hart

The Tiger Tale ended at the Bay County, Florida Courthouse last week. An African-American man has not been as uncomfortable in Panama City since Barack Obama pretended to vacation there the weekend before.

Tiger and Elin Woods reunite for daughter's birthday - The Hollywood Gossip

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

The pair reunited for the first time in months this past weekend to throw a birthday party for their daughter Sam, but were just barely civil with each other

Tiger and Elin no longer speaking - Radar Online

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Both have hired divorce lawyers and things have gotten so bad that the couple uses intermediaries to communicate

Tiger partying it up while Elin's away - Radar Online

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Tiger Woods isn’t sitting home alone now that his wife Elin has taken the children and traveled to Sweden

Elin whisks cubs off to Sweden - The Hollywood Gossip

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Tiger’s estranged wife, Elin, flew home to Sweden with the couple’s two children on Monday, and the golfer nowhere in sight

Tiger & Elin both return home from separate trips - RadarOnline

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Tiger had taken the couple’s two children with him and left Monday by private jet. Elin left alone by private jet on Sunday and flew to Scottsdale, Arizona

Tiger & Elin: Battle over kids brewing - RadarOnline

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The struggling couple has been leading separate lives and attempts to repair the marriage are not going well

Tiger and Elin Woods go on vacation ... separately - The Hollywood Gossip

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Tiger and his wife are not meeting up and are far away from each other at the moment, as Elin reportedly flew out of Orlando by herself Sunday night

Tweet Fight!: Jim Carrey vs. Ben Roethlisberger - Vanity Fair

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Jim Carrey did a humorous thing in which he joked that he was sexually harassed by Ben Roethlisberger following a stream of missives about the actor’s desire to write inoffensive tweets

Elin's crying solo - NY Post

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Tiger Woods wasn’t the only one flying through an a emotionally turbulent week

Newly single Jim Carrey criticizes Elin Woods - US Magazine

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How is Jim Carrey getting over the end of his relationship with Jenny McCarthy? By defending Tiger Woods via Twitter

Tiger tame as he returns to the game

op-ed | Martha Zoller

Seems the only real friend a superstar former-philandering golfer has is his lawyer. Wonder what they were talking about on the way to the club house? Golf, I guess. It was evident at the end of the first round of play in Augusta, Tiger was back

Meet Devon James: Tiger's 15th mistress - The Daily Caller

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Devon James called into the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show Tuesday, and dished on a two-and-a-half year affair she claims to have had with the golfer

UPDATE: Joslyn James releases Tiger 'sexts' - The Hollywood Gossip

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Joslyn James, one of many Tiger Woods mistresses, releases ‘sexts’ from the world’s #1 golfer

Back to the Tiger's den - The Hollywood Gossip

Entertainment | interns

Tiger Woods needs a image makeover, and it appears that Elin Woods is going to try to give him just that

Pawlenty Compares Elin to Conservatives - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

Tim Pawlenty found a way to keep himself in the news on the day his big speech to CPAC was about to be completely overshadowed, along with every other newsworthy event in America, by Tiger Woods

Second chance honeymoon for Tiger

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Sex-cheat swinger Tiger Woods reportedly is getting out of rehab by the end of the week, and he and wife Elin are planning to go off on a trip together