endangered species act

Report: The Endangered Species Act Doesn't Work Because It Hammers Landowners With Draconian Regs

Energy | Tim Pearce
Only two percent of species listed have technically 'recovered'

Billions of Dollars Wasted On Protecting ‘Endangered’ Animals That Are Just Fine

Energy | Tim Pearce

Trump May Repeal An Endangered Species Act Rule That's Punished Landowners For Decades

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'We’d be back to Congress’ original approach'

Trump Is Reining In A Powerful Legal Tool The Feds Have Used To Punish Landowners

Energy | Tim Pearce
Sorely needed

Supreme Court Will Decide If Feds Can Control Private Property For An Endangered Frog That Doesn't Live There

Energy | Michael Bastasch
It's could cost one family millions

Gov't-Funded Study Claims Illegal Pot Farms Are Poisoning Spotted Owls

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'We're deeply concerned'

Endangered Species Act Bureaucrats Are Playing Word Games That Cost Billions Of Dollars

op-ed | Damien Schiff
Are the failures of bureaucrats to define their terms a product of negligence...or design?

Trump Will Allow Elephant Trophy Hunting. Lions Are Next

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Hunters are contributing to the conservation of lions'

Trump Is Letting US Hunters Haul Elephant Trophies Home From Africa

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Putting much-needed revenue back into conservation'

Trump Admin Won't List These 25 Species As Endangered

Energy | Tim Pearce
'It's spectacular cowardice'

The Pacific Walrus Avoided Federal Protection And Alaskans Couldn't Be Happier

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Robust and healthy'

Environmentalists Worry About Animals As House Reps Prepare To Cripple The Endangered Species Act

Energy | Tim Pearce
'This legislative onslaught is brutal'

Court Upholds Bush-Era Decision To Take Away Farmers' Water To Save Endangered Fish

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Without just compensation'

It's Time To Limit Abusive, Taxpayer-Funded Environmental Litigation

Opinion | Kevin Mooney
These legal excesses enrich trial lawyers but do nothing to preserve endangered species.

Family Faces $34 Million In Costs To Protect A Frog That Doesn't Even Live On Their Land

US | Tim Pearce
'I thought surely there must be a mistake'

Feds Just Upped The Catch Limit On A Fish Environmentalists Claim Is Endangered

US | Tim Pearce
30 metric tons

Trump Admin Won't List Non-Endangered Tuna As An Endangered Species

US | Tim Pearce
'Based on the best scientific and commercial data'

Protected Sea Lions Are Eating Endangered Steelhead Salmon To Extinction

Energy | Tim Pearce
'It's pretty dire'

Ranchers Fighting Back After Obama Gave Land To Endangered Frogs

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Out of business'

GOP Pushes Bill To Get The Gray Wolf Off The Endangered Species List

US | Tim Pearce
'Environmental lawsuit mills'

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