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Elon Musk Wants To Dominate The Energy Market

Tesla Motors Inc CEO Musk talks about Tesla's new battery swapping program in Hawthorne

‘Just the start’

Britain Braces For World War II-style Energy Rationing


Factories may ‘voluntarily’ shut down during peak hours

ANALYSIS: Baucus energy tax plan comes with dubious benefits

Sen. Max Baucus
'We don't know what the costs and benefits of any of this are going to be'

Young Americans support an all-of-the-above energy policy

An oil derrick is seen at a fracking site for extracting oil outside of Williston

Extend the PTC for wind, but not too long, and enhance public-private energy partnerships.

Who will top world energy production?

Oil Prices.JPEG
'We do not expect this trend to continue'

Oil and gas regs could be the next battlefield in Colorado

Colorado Flooding-Drilling.JPEG

Dems promise to revive tough new rules in next session

Feds approve major green projects on federal lands


Obama administration touts all-of-the-above’ energy policy despite falling federal oil, gas production

Europe importing US trees to keep the lights on


Environmentalists dislike consequence of renewable energy rule

Minnesota legislature agrees to imposing costly solar power mandate

Solar Panels

‘It’s a big trade off’

Obama administration lays out new Arctic drilling plan

Shell Arctic Drill Ship

Drilling advocates say proposal light on details

Green policies force California utility to raise rates

California Utilities

Utilities must get one-third of energy from renewable sources by 2020

Conservative economists write op-ed in support of carbon tax

Barack Obama, George P. Shultz

‘Americans like to compete on a level playing field’

U.S. shale boom forces EU to rethink high-tax energy policy

Shale Oil
'Energy efficiency is very important -- we must consume less'

CBO: Most energy tax subsidies go toward green energy

Barack Obama

Energy industry tax breaks have become a hot-button issue

Costly state energy policies to raise California power costs by 33 percent - TheDCNF

'This perverse effect inexorably will be reflected fully in rising rates paid by consumers'

Socialist French government moves to bail out its ailing solar industry - TheDCNF


The French government says the move will cost 90 and 170 million euros annually

New documentary aims to correct 'lies,' 'misinformation' spread by anti-fracking groups


Opposition to fracking ‘the new save the whale’

'Clean energy' jobs see a sharp third-quarter slowdown

China US Solar Dispute

‘These numbers show that policy matter’

House votes to stop the 'war on coal' - TheDCNF


Legislation would limit the EPA’s authority over greenhouse gas emissions

CBO: Even with subsidy electric cars are still uncompetitive - TheDCNF

Obama volt

Subsidies must increase 50-60 percent to make eco-friendly cars competitive, report finds