A Need Despised: Do Entitlements Make Us Mean?

Opinion | Roger Banks
REUTERS/Andrew RC Marshall

Entitlements divest potential givers of a measure of their humanity.

White House Floats New $2 Billion Anti-Poverty Program

US | Alex Pfeiffer
A man counts wads of U.S. dollars on a money counting machine at a currency exchange shop in Baghdad December 21, 2015. REUTERS/Khalid al Mousily

‘In 2015 an estimated $2.6 trillion was spent on various entitlement programs’

The Left's Split Personality On Budget And Environmental Policy

Opinion | J.T. Young

One is an actuarial certainty, the other is a hypothesis. But to the left, only one is a crisis.

Entitlement Mentality Officially Jumps The Shark Over Free U2 Download

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

‘ISIS doesn’t have to attack us, we’ll destroy ourselves soon enough’

Left-wing Democrats push Norquist-style pledge on entitlement spending

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Bill Clark, Getty Images

House members Alan Grayson, Mark Takano get 30 signatures on pledge to fight entitlement reform

Bill Maher finds religion on entitlement spending, mocks Obama [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘Real Time’ host challenges comment from president’s inaugural address

Undecideds: Please read this before voting

Opinion | David Cohen

Why this really is the most important election of our lifetime.

Why Romney's 47% comment is fundamentally right

Opinion | Gary Shapiro

Far too many Americans are dependent on government programs.

This is a bad time to become more like Europe

op-ed | David Cohen

Democrats are imperiling our future by being ‘The Party of No’ on entitlement reform.

How FDR made my generation lazy and entitled

Opinion | Celia Bigelow

During his presidency, the 32nd president planted the entitlement seed that has been growing ever since.

America is losing the spirit that made it great

Opinion | Natasha Mayer

We are becoming a nation of underachievers, coddled by our growing nanny state and forgiven for our crimes.

Why aren't young people revolting over debt?

Opinion | Gary Shapiro

Young people shouldn’t allow politicians to ruin their financial futures.

Who blew up the bridge to the 21st century?

Opinion | Brad Todd

Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party is a distant memory.

The American people are the losers in the debt ceiling deal

op-ed | David Meyers

Our fiscal problems are growing worse, and this deal doesn’t fix them.

Debt debate is forward-looking --- the president isn't

op-ed | Brian Reardon

President Obama and his allies can’t just sit back and blame Bush for the debt.

Reform entitlements or go home

Opinion | Ike Brannon

Any debt-reduction deal that doesn’t include a commitment to controlling the growth of entitlements is useless.

The end of sacrifice

op-ed | Yates Walker

America is losing what made it great — the willingness of its people to make sacrifices for future generation.

What Republicans should do next

Energy | Lewis Uhler & Jim Martin

Cut, Cap and Balance is dead, but there’s still a lot the GOP can do to promote growth and shrink government.

We must conquer our debt disease

Feature:Opinion | Veronique de Rugy

Treating the symptoms of our spending addiction won’t be enough to avoid a credit downgrade in the near future.

Federal spending doesn't work

Feature:Opinion | Chris Edwards

A primer on the role of government spending in the economy.