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'MEGA-TRAP': Massive solar facility chars birds right out of the sky

Heliostats reflect sunlight onto boilers in towers during the grand opening of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert near the California-Nevada border

Officials ‘observed birds entering the solar flux and igniting’

Arctic ice cap grows 60 percent in a YEAR

Northern Town Sunset.JPEG

Now it’s global cooling

The REAL death panels: Endangered birds killed by solar plants


Birds could be mistaking solar power plants for lakes

States look to tax hybrid and electric car owners to recoup road funding

Ride Hailing Apps

‘It just seems logical to me’

Report: Environmental regulations could pop 'carbon bubble' - TheDCNF

Coal-Fired Power Plant

Billions have been spent developing fossil fuels that could be unattainable

With environmental concerns put to rest, will Obama finally approve Keystone?

A State Department report issued on Friday concludes that the oil pipeline wouldn’t have a major impact on the environment.

GOP platform: Environmental protection through private ownership - TheDCNF

Lake Tahoe

‘The worst instances of environmental degradation have occurred under government control’

Famed Galapagos tortoise, 'Lonesome George,' dies - AP

Lonesome George

The giant tortoise’s efforts to produce offspring made him a symbol of disappearing species

Boehner: 'About damn time' to ignore 'radical environmental groups' [VIDEO] - TheDC

House speaker says it’s ‘just about damn time that we actually have a national energy policy’

Air-quality study: Electric cars out-pollute gas engines - TheDC

Renault electric cars

Chinese study found electric vehicles in China are creating a bigger dent in the environment than gas-burning vehicles

Plastic bag opponents embrace the holidays - TheDC

Advocates dress up in plastic bags and sing a baggie-themed carol in front of city council

Mayor Bloomberg gives $50 million to fight coal-fired power plants - WaPo

Michael Bloomberg

The Sierra Club calls donation ‘a game-changer, from our perspective’

The clean energy industry poised for a crash - Forbes

Without subsidies, clean energy would not be profitable

Woman fined $100 for improper newspaper disposal - WABC


‘Crazed’ New York sanitation employee flips out on woman, threatens to triple fine

Gore faults Obama on global warming - AP

Al Gore

The former vice president says that Obama hasn’t fulfilled promises on the environment

Why would OPEC give money to the American environmental left? - TheDC

Economist Walter Williams suggests OPEC would because American environmental groups want to restrict domestic oil production

Apple named 'least green' tech company - The Guardian

Greenpeace’s report ‘How Dirty is Your Data?’ points to the company’s use of energy from ‘dirty’ coal

Tea Party network emerges as counterbalance to state-level green pressure groups - TheDC

The battle for property rights has finally been joined by the free market

EPA official says jobs don’t matter - TheDC

Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner grills EPA official: ‘I don’t see how you can talk about economic analysis without talking about jobs’

Texas pushes... electric cars? - AP

Despite its reputation as the oil capital of America, the Lone Star State is building up its electric car infrastructure to prepare for new plug-in vehicles set to hit the market