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Is The EPA Preparing For A Massive Private Land Grab?

‘The EPA’s job is to regulate. The maps must have been created with this purpose in mind.’

EPA Chief: CO2 Regulations Are About 'Justice' For 'Communities Of Color'

‘Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice’

EPA Asks DHS To Go On Poop Patrol In Its Denver Office


The s**t hits the fan

Report: EPA CO2 Rules A Huge Boon To The Wind Power Industry

‘This is not about pollution control’

Report: EPA Exceeds Its Authority With Proposed Rules

Gina McCarthy YouTube screenshot/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Congress should use ‘power of the purse’

Small Businesses Weigh In Against Obamacare, EPA Ahead Of November


Anti-biz pols ‘should not expect to receive Main Street America’s vote’

More Harsh Winters Could Spell Disaster For The Electrical Grid

‘This could be a very, very big economic impact on the winter’

Legal Expert: EPA's CO2 Rule Violates Federal Data Quality Law

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy arrives to sign a proposal to cut carbon pollution in Washington

Politically divisive rule would shutter power plants across country

DECADES-Old Data Is Good Enough To Justify EPA Regulations

Data used as recently as 2013

EPA Proposes New Aerosol Regulations

Bakeries and liquor stores hardest hit

Twelve States Sue Obama Administration Over Carbon Dioxide Regulations

President Obama attends celebration of Special Olympics at the White House in Washington

‘The law doesn’t allow the agency to do what it wants’

Is EPA Looking To Delay Major Texas Natural Gas Terminal?

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy arrives to sign a proposal to cut carbon pollution in Washington

Democrat says LNG exports ‘clearly in the national interest of the United States’

Coal Miners Union In Full Revolt After Supporting Obama In 2008

Coal miners in Ohio. Getty Images.

‘We were willing to go to jail’

Leaked Memo Gives Away Dem's 'Extreme Weather' Talking Points

‘Climate change poses an increasing threat to the federal government’s already challenging long-term fiscal outlook’

Will Obama Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Your Food?

President Obama has lunch at the Chipotle Restaurant in Washington

‘Global warming has become the Obama Nanny State’s Swiss Knife’

Coal Miners Fight To Save Their Jobs At EPA Carbon Rule Field Hearings

‘This isn’t some abstract bureaucratic exercise’

THE COLOR OF MONEY: US, Foreign Billionaires Pay Greens To Push EPA Policies

File photo shows environmentalists rallying and calling on U.S. President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline

Environmentalist donors described as ‘an elite group of left-wing millionaires and billionaires’

White House Times Climate Report Release With EPA Hearings

What a coincidence

1,600 To Testify At EPA Carbon Rule Hearings -- But Not Everyone Will Be Heard

Gina McCarthy testifies before Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on nomination to be administrator of Environmental Protection Agency

‘Eight days later you get this blanket rejection’

Inhofe: EPA Admits It Currently Can't Fully Enforce Its CO2 Rule

Sen. Jim Inhofe and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

‘EPA has to date failed to answer such questions’