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A STAGGERING $400,000 spent on awards for three ritzy Eric Holder events

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife Sharon Malone attend the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards Dinner in Washington

$450 crystal eagle statuettes for employees

Top 3 reasons the DOJ should get out of the way of US Airways' and American Airlines' merger

Airlines Merger Lawsuit.JPEG

Despite obvious benefits to consumers and the companies, the administration won’t let them consolidate.

Obama's untouchables: Holder, Clinton, Lerner, Rice, and Sebelius

Obama Health Care.JPEG

Isn’t it amazing how few people the president fires?

Congressman wants Justice Department to investigate raid on reporter's home


Police raided home of Audrey Hudson, a former Washington Times reporter

The (ongoing) passion of George Zimmerman

Neighborhood Watch Zimmerman Spotlight.JPEG

The media and the administration won’t give up the possibility of future charges.

Lawmaker warned of 'right-wing conspiracy' at training event for black ministers


Black clergy taught that outside spending, voter ID laws could harm Obama

Eric Holder, IRS officials coached tax-exempt black ministers on how to engage in political activity


AG, Douglas Shulman attended training sessions while targeting conservatives

Faces of meth: 'Five years of Obama' edition

We were liberals once, and young

Government by intimidation

Obit Swartz.JPEG

‘If our government makes us too afraid to exercise our rights, we will end up living as if we did not have rights.’

Police brutality in America: These are not isolated incidents

Activists March In New York City To Protest Police Brutality

A union-endorsed ‘law enforcement bill of rights’ makes it nearly impossible to fire abusive officers.

Election integrity is a voting right too

Voting Rights.JPEG

The DOJ’s challenge to Texas’s voter ID law is an outrage.

The case for impeaching Eric Holder

Eric Holder

The Attorney General has a long record of flouting the law.

GOP lawmakers to Eric Holder: Lay off online lenders


Regulators ‘intimidating some community banks’

In Eric Holder's DOJ, enforcing the law equally is 'high heresy'

‘They don’t want people who are objective and neutral. They want people who are part of the orthodoxy’

DOJ whistleblower: 'Voting law, Civil Rights Law is a tool to help Democrats'

‘A partisan operation cloaked in the noble history of civil rights’

It's good to be the king

Obama Vacation.JPEG

Between 2009 and 2012, Eric Holder spent more than $700,000 on personal travel expenses.

Holder's puny sentencing reform

Holder Sentencing.JPEG

The AG’s proposed measures are mostly symbolic, and will pass the problem on to the next administration.

Reformers hopeful after Holder's pivot on sentencing

Holder Sentencing.JPEG

‘All the actors in the system are recognizing that we’ve gone overboard’

Report: Holder grossly inflated number of busts

APTOPIX Supreme Court Voting Rights.JPEG

See what crime DOJ is pretending to crack down on