Royal Canadian Mounted Police Admits To Cellphone Surveillance, Is Investigating Ottawa Spying

World | David Krayden
Armed RCMP officers guard access to Parliament Hilll following a shooting incident in Ottawa October 22, 2014. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

‘This technology is a vital tool in providing valuable assistance to criminal investigations’

Prime Minister and U.S. Embassy Could Be Targets Of Ottawa Cyber-Spies

World | David Krayden

‘Somebody could actually intercept your communication and…your personal information…’

Canadian Extradited To US Accused In Massive Computer Hack

World | David Krayden
A man works at his computer during a weekend Hackathon event in San Francisco, July 16, 2016. REUTERS/Gabrielle Lurie

‘He just drives up and down the street, and always has a different colored car’

Texas Woman To Stand Trial For Spying In China

World | Ryan Pickrell
Policemen hoist a Chinese national flag in front of an entrance of a Chinese court. REUTERS/Aly Song
Casualty of U.S.-China politics

US Charges Chinese Army Hackers With Stealing Secrets

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Part of the building of 'Unit 61398', a secretive Chinese military unit, is seen in the outskirts of Shanghai

‘Success in the global market place should be based solely on a company’s ability to innovate and compete’

NYT hacked by communists for last 4 months - ThDC

Politics | Josh Peterson
New York Times

NYT hacked by communists for last 4 months

China nabs US spy - TheDC

World | Hal Libby

Report: The man ‘fell into a pretty woman trap’

Domestic spying laws to be tested in court - TheDC

Tech | Stephen Elliott
Obama and Bush

Government hopes to overturn ruling in favor of domestic spying victims

Air Force says reading WikiLeaks is a crime - TheDC

US | Will Rahn

USAF lawyers say that any family members of Air Force personnel who access WikiLeaks are subject to prosecution under the Espionage Act

Visa finds no wrongdoing in WikiLeaks investigation - AP

Business | admin

‘Our lawyers have now completed their work and have found no indications that Sunshine Press … act in contravention of Visa’s rules or Icelandic legislation,’ a letter said

WikiLeaks: less 'leaks,' more data-mining? - Wired

Tech | interns

A Pennsylvania firm asserts that WikiLeaks sucked up and published data-rich files from peer-to-peer networks

MARBURGER & RUSSELL: Muscling in on the Internet - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | John H. Marburger III and Richard M. Russell

The opponents of Internet openness are using the WikiLeaks incident to their advantage.

The lessons of private Manning and WikiLeaks

Opinion | Charles Pena

Does our foreign policy make us a terrorist target?

Assange sex charges sound bogus

Opinion | Roger Stone

This is a snatch and grab.

Assange: Republicans, Democrats, Fox News conducting terrorism [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | Vince Coglianese

Assange counters ‘high-tech terrorist’ label by accusing his critics of terrorism

CIA launches WTF - WaPo

US | wrahn

The CIA has launched a task force to assess the impact of the exposure of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables and military files by WikiLeaks

Antiquated Espionage Act toothless against Wikileaks, Democrats say - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Winkler

‘What Wikileaks did was illegal,’ says Virginia Democratic Rep. Bobby Scott, ‘we have been agonizing over this’

Ad compares WikiLeaks scandal to a sanitary pad - TheDC

| Laura Donovan

The WikiLeaks scandal has inspired a maxi-pad advertisement

Michael Moore is aiding and abetting the enemy

Editorial | David Bossie

Moore should be held accountable for conspiring with Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks -- danger or disinfectant?

Opinion | Ron Hart

Part of me wants to keep our government in check and applaud WikiLeaks. Another part wants our government to be able to kill terrorists.