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Privacy Groups Send Letter To FTC, Demand Facebook Investigation

Facebook website pages opened in an internet browser is seen in this photo illustration taken in Lavigny

Looks like they’re wanting some more regulation

Facebook Reports A Good Q2, Focuses On Mobile Advertising

Does Facebook’s Q2 success mean there’s no social-networking bubble?

Netroots 2014: Liberal Ideology, Conservative Bashing... And Google?


Conservatives should consider what their online choices are supporting.

Sorry Germany, Facebook And Twitter Won The World Cup Final

And the U.S. actually does care about soccer

Facebook Users Are Outraged With Steven Spielberg For Killing This Triceratops

Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park

‘He’s a disgusting inhumane prick’

Report: Facebook Conducted Hundreds Of Psychological Experiments On Users

‘They’re always trying to alter peoples’ behavior’

'Facebook Rape' Or 'Frape' Can Get You 10 Years In Ireland

Man charged after stealing woman's phone and posting sexually abusive messages on social network

Facebook's Emotion Manipulation Linked To DOD Research On Civil Unrest

Facebook website pages opened in an internet browser is seen in this photo illustration taken in Lavigny

Project designed ‘to identify individuals mobilized in a social contagion and when they become mobilized’

Facebook Updated User Agreement With 'Research' Months After Emotion Experiment

Illustration photo of a Facebook error message in a computer screen in Singapore
'They didn't just want to change users' behaviors, they wanted to change their moods'

Keep Using Facebook At Work!

‘We are making work more fun and efficient by building an at-work version of Facebook’

Is This What Facebook Is Really Like?

Facebook makes your friends’ lives seem much better than they actually are

See How The World's Dumbest Criminal Got Busted


But wait! He gets dumber…

Is This Why You Couldn't Get On Facebook Yesterday?

DDOS attack -

Amazing video visualizes the attack

Facebook Launches Slingshot Photo Messaging App -- For Real This Time

A Facebook logo on an Ipad is reflected among source code on the LCD screen of a computer in this photo illustration

New photo-messaging app receives snap criticism

British Spies Claim Right To Intercept Facebook, Twitter, Google

A portrait of the Facebook logo in Ventura

British residents are in trouble: their own government is reading their Facebook messages

Website Defines Your Personality Based On Facebook

OKCupids Facebook image.

And you can stalk others, too!

Facebook Amps Up Ad Targeting By Gathering Even More User Data

Volunteer Aymara speakers from the online community "Jaqi Aru" gather to translate Facebook in El Alto

‘Why don’t individuals in the United States already have access to this kind of information about themselves?’