Principal Made First Grader Eat Lunch Alone Behind CARDBOARD Because He Was ONE MINUTE TARDY

Education | Eric Owens
Facebook image from Facebook page of Laura Hoover

Furious Facebook grandma unleashes social media hell on school district

Mark Zuckerberg Enters The Anti-Vaccination Argument On Facebook

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg listens to a question from the audience in San Francisco

‘The science is completely clear’

No, Jordan's King Didn't Get In A Plane And Bomb ISIS

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis

He definitely quoted Clint Eastwood though

Teacher Docked Five Days' Pay For Criticizing 'Black Lives Matter' Sign On Facebook

Education | Eric Owens

‘Negative stereotypes directed toward African-Americans’

Facebook Takes Down Pages 'Offending' Islam In Turkey

World | PG Veer
Protesters from the Islamic Action Front and others hold a banner in support of the Prophet Mohammad, during a protest against satirical French weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in Amman

No more ‘Je Suis Charlie’

Teacher On Leave For Wishing Students Kept 'Mouths Shut' About Beach Sex With His Female Coworkers

Education | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshots/MUNDO IMAGEN

‘You should have just kept your stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it’

A Teen Was Arrested For Using EMOJIS On Facebook

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
File photo of the log-on screen for the Website Facebook on an Ipad, in Bordeaux

That escalated quickly

Sarah Palin: 'Hollywood Leftists' Are 'Not Fit To Shine Chris Kyle's Combat Boots'

Entertainment | Derek Hunter
Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Governor slams Hollywood for attacks on Kyle, snipers and the Military in general.

Zuckerberg Pledges Free Speech On Facebook In Wake Of Charlie Hebdo Attack

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, addresses a gathering during the Summit in New Delhi

‘This is what we all need to reject — a group of extremists trying to silence the voices and opinions of everyone else around the world’

Canadian Dental Bros Suspended Over PRIVATE Facebook Group

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
beer pong

The penalty for frat banter is death

Facebook's 'Year In Review' Is Really Depressing

Business | Katie Frates

Highlighting everything we really, really didn’t want to remember

Having Feasted On Microsoft, Eurocrats Go For Their Next Prey

Opinion | Bill Frezza
EU Google.JPEG

From ‘net neutrality’ to ‘search neutrality’

Supreme Court To Decide Whether Facebook Rants Equal Free Speech Or Threats

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘I’m willing to go to jail for my constitutional rights’

Teenage Girl Arrested For Pimping Out High School Girls On Facebook

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A Facebook logo reflected in the eye of a woman is seen in this picture illustration

Police uncover ring of prostitution surrounding multiple Florida high schools

Apple, Google, Facebook, Others Urge Senate To Pass NSA Reform Ahead Of Tuesday Vote

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
An illustration picture shows the logo of the U.S. National Security Agency on the display of an iPhone in Berlin

Companies make last-minute push for major surveillance reforms

Fight On The Right? Cruz And Paul Split Over Patriot Act Fix

Politics | Matt K. Lewis

The Senate will vote Tuesday on the reforms

You Won't Believe Who Buzzfeed's Editor Says Is Facebook's Favorite Politician!

Politics | Alex Griswold

If there was a listicle, this politician would be number one.

Facebook Reports A Huge Increase In Government Requests For User Data

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘We’ve argued that these overly broad warrants violate the privacy rights of the people on Facebook’

Facebook Shuts Down James O'Keefe

Politics | Patrick Howley
Grae Stafford-Daily Caller

Greenpeace official fired Friday after sting video

Tolerance: Study Finds Liberals Are Quick To 'Unfriend' Someone Over Politics

Politics | Derek Hunter
A portrait of the Facebook logo in Ventura

Liberals block differing opinions, conservatives less likely to see them