Four Ways Religion Can Help Alleviate Poverty In America

op-ed | Rabbi Elchanan Poupko
A girl praying. (Shutterstock)

Let’s do our best to use those tools.

Sutherland Springs Is Post-Christian America

op-ed | Mark Tapscott

As Dostoevsky warned, if there is no god, anything is possible

Why Liberals Must Choose Bernie Sanders Or Bob Dylan

Politics | Mark Tapscott
Bernie Sanders Reuters/Carlo Allegri

Freedom in faith made one child of the Sixties sing, but another was filled with nothing but fury.

See The Moment In 1998 When George Michael Came Out As A Gay Man [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Derek Hunter
"But, you know, this is as good a time as any."

Trump/Carson Feud Is One-Sided, At Least For Now [VIDEO]

Opinion | Derek Hunter

After apologizing, Carson has avoided taking shots at Trump.

Should Christians Check Out Of Mainstream Society?

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
An Iraqi Christian man from Mosul, who fled from violence in their country, reads a book at the Latin Patriarchate Church in Amman

It’s not just a hypothetical question

Sen. Rubio: 'Obama's Policies Are Relics Of The Past'

Politics | Hannah Bleau

‘We cannot have a strong country without strong people, and we will never have strong people without strong values’

Kate Upton defends her faith in interview

Entertainment | Charles Rollet

Model was asked: ‘Why are you wearing a cross? Like you would be religious’

Baptism by fire

Opinion | Matt Philbin

Unable to tout Obama’s achievements, the media is targeting the Republican presidential candidates’ religion.

Of morality and politics

Feature:Opinion | Dr. Brian Lee

Why Mississippi’s “extreme” anti-abortion measure isn’t anti-abortion.

MARK JUDGE: Advice for Luke Russert: Don't write a book - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Mark Judge

Luke shouldn’t make the same mistake his father did: writing a folksy book about small-town values.

Bury my heart in America

Opinion | James Michael Pratt

The story of a tired American soldier and an Iraqi with a dream: to have his heart buried in America.

Heritage's health-care Action - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Heritage Foundation spin-off urges congressional leaders to join Steve King’s petition to repeal Obamacare

Megan Fox already married [VIDEO] - Radar Online

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

It’s official: Bombshell actress Megan Fox and 90s TV star Brian Austin Green were married in a private ceremony in Hawaii last week