George Washington University Assaults Free Speech AGAIN! (Last Time Was An Award-Winning Fiasco)

op-ed | John Banzhaf
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A fancypants school ‘committed to the protection of free speech’ unless someone is offended

A Blatantly Hateful Anti-Semite Is A Professor At One Of America's Most Revered Public Universities

op-ed | Jesse Bogner
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Jewish conspiracy theories and Jew hatred masked as theology

POOR MOOCH: Fancypants College Students Want Scaramucci Fired From Another Job

Education | Eric Owens
Anthony Scaramucci Getty Images/Mark Wilson

‘Mooch is an opportunist, not a conservative’

Fancypants College Ditches 'Studies' Major Focused On Backwater Dump

Education | Eric Owens
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‘This is a crazy decision’

Furious Fancypants College Students Condemn Democracy Because It Prevents Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Education | Eric Owens
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‘This rule reinforces a democratic fallacy’

SHOCKER: Absurdly Expensive College Faces $5 MILLION Budget Crisis After Radical Loons Run Wild

Education | Eric Owens
Oberlin protesters YouTube screenshot/Charles N Jackson

Who could have predicted people don’t want to pay $69,372 per year for such shenanigans?

Absurdly Expensive College Battles Trump With Official '#GETWOKE Syllabus'

Education | Eric Owens
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Panel topics will include ‘radical self loves as a form of liberation’

JIM CROW: Segregation-Loving Ivy League Students Demand Separate-But-Equal Dorms

Education | Eric Owens
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Segregation-loving leftists want ‘living spaces based on shared race or ethnicity’ now

'Sex Fantasy' Led Fancypants College Professor To Stab His Boyfriend 70 TIMES Just To Watch Him Die

Education | Eric Owens
Northwestern University Shutterstock/Katherine Welles

‘Wyndham, what are you doing?’ were the last words of the gay professor’s victim

Prestigious Polling Firm: Let's Call 'Liberal Arts' Something Else To Totally Fool Everybody

Education | Eric Owens
Groucho disguise Shutterstock/RTimages

Somewhere, Cleo McDowell is smiling very broadly

Ritzy College Students Feel 'UNSAFE' Because Of This Mike Pence Photo

Education | Eric Owens
Deutsch Pence photo

The vice president ‘has shown himself so willing to commit institutional violence’

Normal-Size Chairs And Artwork Featuring White People Are 'MICROAGGRESSIONS' Now

Education | Eric Owens
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Absurdly expensive fancypants college sets up spying scheme for students to rat out offenders

'Armed And Dangerous' Fancypants College Professor Menaces Chicago After Brutal Murder

Education | Eric Owens
Northwestern University Shutterstock/Katherine Welles

‘A possible domestic incident’

Fancypants College Professor Allegedly Keeps Leaving Dogs In Hot Cars TO DIE

Education | Eric Owens
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The dog that most recently expired is ‘Jennie,’ a three-year-old Labradoodle

Academic Journal Will Feature Empowering Math Poems And 'Raw' Stories By 'Math Mamas'

Education | Eric Owens
'art' by Eric Owens

‘The contributors of this special issue come from diverse backgrounds’

Ivy League Illegal Immigrants Demand Free Health Care, Required Sensitivity Training For Faculty

Education | Eric Owens
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They want ‘counselors trained in trauma,’ too

Ivy League School Holds Segregated Graduation Ceremonies For Black, Latino And Gay Students

Education | Eric Owens
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Don’t worry. The ceremonies are separate but equal

The Best And WORST Commencement Speakers Of 2017

Education | Eric Owens
collage clockwise from top left: Getty Images/Paul J. Richards, Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins, Reuters/Carlo Allegri, Getty Images/Robb Carr, Reuters/Jim Young, Reuters/Carlos Barria, YouTube screenshot/Paramount Movies, YouTube/screenshot Mar F

Unlike at virtually all of these schools, TheDC does not engage in grade inflation

POLL: 16 Percent Of Students At Fancypants Yale Are Pretty Much Complete Fascists

Education | Eric Owens
Yale University Shutterstock/Guillermo Olaizola, YouTube screenshot from Top Secret/MOVIECLIPS

And over 40 percent of Yale’s students are ‘not comfortable’ voicing opinions in class

Fraternity Suspended For Throwing A Mexican-Themed Party, Wearing Sombreros

Education | Eric Owens
fake Mexican mustaches Getty Images/Khaled Desouki

‘You may think that you have celebrated our culture’