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The freer the trade, the better things get

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America’s farm policy has bequeathed a global protectionist catastrophe.

Mark Sanford's road to redemption

Mark Sanford attends the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on August 28, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

A promise the once-disgraced pol has kept.

'We need a new Republican Party': Mark Levin slams Boehner's surrender on debt ceiling, farm bill

‘You need to have a strategy!’

The Boehner 28

Speaker of the House John Boehner walks to his weekly news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

Republicans will cut spending — next time.

Dr. Ben Carson slams farm bill: 'Both parties have people who believe in big government control'

‘The abuses come from both parties’

The Farm Bill vs. America

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This was the year both sides were supposed to compromise. Instead, we got a ‘bullying, disenfranchising shakedown of the American west.’

Food stamp-heavy farm bill heads to Obama's desk

President Obama speaks after a tour of the U.S. Steel Irvin Plant in West Mifflin, Penn.

‘This Farm Bill is a monument to every dysfunction Washington indulges’

REJOICE, OH SPECIAL INTERESTS: Farm bill passes Senate

Pigs are pictured during a farmers protest in front of Italian parliament in downtown Rome

Heads to White House for Obama’s signature

Mike Rogers' one-half percent

Keep Food Affordable

The farm bill’s dairy provisions are a bad deal for 99.5 percent of his constituents.

House passes bill cutting $40 billion from food stamp program

Food Stamp Nutritional Assistance

Shockingly, Obama threatens a veto

Since when do we coddle cartels?

Sugary Drinks Obesity

The sugar lobby makes a bag of the sweet stuff cost a dollar more at the grocery store.

House Dems call on Boehner to include food stamps in future farm bill

Rosa DeLauro

‘We voted against this bill in large part because of this intentional omission’

It's time for 'zero for zero' farm subsidies

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The agriculture market is already global, it’s time policy reflected that.

House passes stripped down farm bill, without food stamps

John Boehner

In a narrow 216-208 vote, the House passed the farm-focused legislation

GOP farm bill rebels not swayed by subsidies


‘We’ve got to do our share to balance the budget’

To pass farm bill, GOP leadership needs to allow serious cuts to farm programs

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Last week, 62 House Republicans voted against the farm bill.

Artificial sweetener

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House Republicans should take their lumps with Big Sugar and end price supports in farm bill rewrite.

House puts $1 trillion farm bill out to pasture


Republican leadership blames Democrats for not coming through with 40 votes

House votes to end USDA/Mexico food stamp promotion

Food Stamp Nutritional Assistance

Nine-year-old program to promote government dependency killed after Daily Caller reporting

Amendments would take food-stamp funding out of farm bill

Immigration Farm Workers

’80 percent of the farm bill’s spending goes to Washington’s out-of-control food stamp program’