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Don't Look Now, But The FBI Just Used Facial Recognition Tech Catch Fugitive On The Run For 14 Years

‘My impression was that he never thought he would be discovered’

FBI Refuses To Release Legally Mandated Report On Drone Surveillance

Small drone helicopter operated by paparazzi records singer Beyonce as she rides Cyclone rollercoaster while filming music video on Coney Island in New York

‘Answering these questions … will go a long way toward fulfilling the administration’s promise of transparency’

GOP Senator: FBI Retaliates Against Women Reporting Gender Discrimination

‘These women alleged that they suffered gender discrimination and that they were retaliated against’

FBI Labels Driverless Cars As Lethal Weapons

Report shows fears of criminal applications of automated vehicles

PoliceKlan: Two Florida Officers Investigated For Alleged KKK Ties

‘This isn’t the first incident of it’s kind in Fruitland Park’

CIA, FBI Follow NSA Through 'Backdoor' Searches Of Americans

‘It shows how flawed this system is and the consequences of inadequate oversight’

Lawmaker Grills IRS Head: Does The NSA Have Lerner's Emails?

‘I have no indication that we are exempt from anybody’s monitoring’

FBI Nabs Alleged NullCrew Hacker


Suspect involved in dozens of cyber-attacks across the globe

The Obama Administration Doesn't Want You To Know About This Secret Police Operation

The dashboard for the New York Police Department's 'Domain Awareness System' is seen in New York

The most transparent administration ever?