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FBI hunted for Hitler in Argentina immediately after WWII

Adolf Hitler's legendary mustache of evil is now symbol of crimes against humanity.

J. Edgar Hoover authorized mission to hunt him down

FBI severs ties with liberal, domestic terrorism-inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center


SPLC dropped from site resources two years after it inspired violent attack

This is how much Microsoft charges the FBI for your info

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates watches a video as he delivered his keynote address at the 2007 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas

Totals stretch into the thousands of dollars

Did the FBI screw up the Boston Marathon bombing investigation?

Suspects wanted for questioning in relation to the Boston Marathon bombing April 15 are revealed during an FBI news conference in Boston

‘Whether or not that would have prevented the Boston Marathon bombing, it certainly made it more likely to succeed’

Man sentenced to 14 years in prison for aiming a laser at a police helicopter

Protesters aim laser light pointers at riot police in front of Athens' Polytechnic during riots in the city

‘Those who aim lasers at aircraft should know that we will seek to convict them, and we will seek to send them to prison’

FBI PROBE: Solis stonewalls about possible Obama talks

U.S. Secretary of Labor Solis speaks during a news conference at the Ministry of Labour and Social Prevention in San Salvador
Cabinet member hired from politically-connected law firm of Sidley Austin

The FBI is willing to pay top dollar to download some malware

The main headquarters of the FBI, the J. Edgar Hoover Building, is seen in Washington
'The collection of this malware allows the [agency] to provide actionable intelligence to the investigator in both criminal and intelligence matters'

Is spotty immigration enforcement to blame for MS-13 gang havoc?

Gang Crackdown.JPEG

‘The administration’s failure to enforce the laws of the land has enabled criminal gangs to initiate profound violence in American communities’

Wearing Google Glass in a movie theater got this man detained, interrogated for four hours

Google Glass may be the future of law enforcement (LATVIA)

‘I would have been fine with ‘I’m sorry this happened, please accept our apologies.’ Four free passes just infuriated me’

Why the federal investigation into the IRS scandal is officially a joke

Werfel takes his seat to testify before a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the status of the IRS's targeting of political groups, on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘It’s now been more than six months’

Collecting DNA is an unwarranted government intrusion

Navy Yard Shootings.JPEG

The FBI’s database includes many who were never convicted, and some who were never charged.

Exclusive: FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers


Investigators are still gathering information on the scope of the cyber campaign, which the authorities believe is continuing.

Barrett Brown's mother on probation for hiding laptops from FBI

A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask attends a protest against the government and the police in Rio de Janeiro

Brown has been imprisoned for over a year without trial

DOJ: FBI privacy rules for drones same as manned aircraft

Drone Hunting.JPEG

Drones and manned aircraft offer different capabilities to investigators, demanding different privacy protocols

4 Tactical light techniques for concealed carry - Gun Digest

CCW-Light tecs

Learn the FBI, Neck, Surefire and Harries methods

What organization is supporting amnesty every day?

(Photo credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Though this has little to do with immigration

FBI allowed informants to commit over 5,600 crimes in 2011

FBI Building

‘The million-dollar question is: How much crime is the government tolerating from its informants?’

Group sues FBI for records after Michael Hastings' mysterious death

Obit Hastings.JPEG

“FBI cannot comment on matters pending litigation.”

Tobacco: Crime's new currency

Womens Deaths Counties.JPEG

How the nanny state leads to black markets that fuel organized crime and even terrorism

Rand Paul lays groundwork for another filibuster on drones

Rand Paul

Paul placing a hold on the nomination of FBI chief nominee James Comey