federal emergency management agency

Yes, NASA Actually Has A Plan To Stop Asteroids From Hitting Earth -- It Doesn't Involve Bruce Willis

World | Chris White
'That's something relegated to the movies'

US Virgin Islands Are Not Prepared For Hurricane Season Despite Billions In Federal Assistance

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Mismanagement by local government officials'

FEMA Rushes To Hire Enough People Before The Next Hurricane Strikes

Politics | Vandana Rambaran
'Stretched thin'

Critics Blame Trump For The Hurricane Maria Death Toll And Response But The Facts Tell A Different Story

Politics | Will Racke
'That was a deliberate attempt to preserve the tourism industry'

Melania Sends Message To Americans About How To Best Prepare For Disasters

US | Katie Jerkovich
'With the hurricane season is upon us...'

Puerto Rico Still Hasn't Paid Sketchy Firm Hired To Fix Their Grid

Energy | Tim Pearce
'I just flat-out don’t know'

Half The Houses In Puerto Rico Were Built Illegally

Energy | Tim Pearce
'It’s lack of planning and controls'

FEMA Official Praises Sketchy Utility Company Involved In Puerto Rico Grid Deal

Energy | Chris White
'They did a good job'

FEMA Picked The Wrong Company To Deliver 30 Million Meals To Puerto Rico

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'They probably should have gone with someone else'

Mega Firm Blames A Convenient Target For Losing Monster Puerto Rico Deal

Energy | Chris White
'Our proposal represents the best value'

Energy Company Charged $319 An Hour To Fix Puerto Rico's Busted Grid

US | Chris White
'Linemen cost $60 ... But $300 an hour? No way'

First Audit Of Sketchy Puerto Rico Deal Is Inconclusive On Potential Corruption

Energy | Chris White
'Is not sufficient to conclude'

Report: Puerto Rico's $300 Million Deal With Utility Company Prevents Gov't Audits

US | Chris White
'In no event shall FEMA ... audit or review the cost and profit elements'

FEMA Has 'Significant Concerns' About A $300 Million Contract To Rebuild Puerto Rico

Energy | Michael Bastasch
What's going on here?

FBI Investigates Puerto Rican Officials Distributing FEMA Aid Based On ‘Loyalty’

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Officials are distributing ... emergency supplies based on political loyalty'

Video Shows Two Men And Their Dogs Escaping A California Wildfire: 'We're Not Dead Yet'

US | Chris White
'I can't breathe, and my eyes are burning'

Puerto Rican Politics Is Killing Recovery Efforts, FEMA Head Says

Energy | Tim Pearce
'A successful response relies on unity'

Man Pleads Guilty To Stealing FEMA Funds Meant For Flood Victims

US | Anders Hagstrom
'Doing all we can'

Puerto Rico Is Running Out Of Clean Water

Energy | Tim Pearce
'You have to go on'

While Congress Debates Funding, Investigators Prepare For Fraud In Harvey Recovery

US | Thomas Phippen
'Speed and haste is the enemy'

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