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A clash of civilizations

Few Americans understand the complexity and history of Islam or the Muslim world. That needs to change.

No turning back? Imam says moving 9/11 mosque could spur radicals - NYT

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said on Wednesday night that if he had known how much strife would arise over his plan for a mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center site, he would not have proposed it.

Rauf: 'U.S. has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-Qaida has of non-Muslims' - IPT News

Rauf made a number of comments that would make anyone who is not concerned about the mosque at the Ground Zero site rethink their support

The establishment media's disconnect with the American people

Americans’ concerns about radical Islam and the Ground Zero Mosque are rational and justifiable. The media just doesn’t get it.

Ground Zero imam says U.S. worse than al-Qaeda - Human Events

New audio has surfaced of the Ground Zero mosque imam saying that the U.S. “has been far more deadly than al-Qaeda”

Imam behind Ground Zero mosque speaks - CNN

The remarks from Abdul Rauf came while the imam is on a State Department-sponsored trip to the Middle East

Mosque supporters, opponents clash near Ground Zero - TheDC

Thousands withstood the rain Sunday to protest the planned Islamic community center and mosque, Cordoba House, sparking heated debate

Build the Ground Zero Mosque

The mosque and cultural center will promote understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

State Dept. attacked for imam's Middle East trip - TheDC

Government-sponsored trip for imam behind Ground Zero mosque raises First Amendment, radical Islam concerns

Giuliani's two cents - NY Post

The former Mayor spoke this morning in opposition to plans to build a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center terror attacks

Shariah and America

Should an Islamic community center and mosque be built a few blocks from the site of the collapsed World Trade Center in New York?

Mr. President: Don't back the Dhimmicrats!

Despite what you may think, Dhimmicrats are not Democrats. A dhimmicrat is a Western official who uses his position of power and influence to clear the pathway for the spread of shariah–the law they have in Saudi Arabia

Where is our sense of tolerance?

The Cordoba House would stand as a powerful statement of our society’s strength and freedom. It makes mockery of the religious zealotry that brought the Towers down. If New York serves as America’s cultural bellwether, it must embrace its religious diversity to demonstrate our nation’s social harmony