Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Is Filled With 'Toxic Masculine Capitalism,' Rants Nutty Professor

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YouTube screenshot/Franco Seguer, YouTube screenshot/KingdomHeartsFan3211

‘Toxic masculinity’ ‘is a social virus, and it is highly contagious’

Hurricane Group Sex In Florida Ends In Death And Tragedy

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A short, balding white Hispanic cross-dresser who wears a blond wig remains on the lam

Gay Activists Are Furious Because Teacher Can't Tell Fifth Graders To Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

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angry gay emoticon Shutterstock/Petrovic Igor

‘There is nothing problematic, inappropriate or outrageous about Mx. Bressack’s request’

Angry Drag-Racing Transgender Dude Says Cop 'Misgendered' Him On Reckless Driving Ticket

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‘He robbed that individual of her dignity’

Florida Man Pretends To Be Cop While Trying To Pull Over Actual Police Officer

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Flashing siren lights on a police car. Yakov Oskanov/Shutterstock.
He said 'police, stop the car'

Neo Nazi Converts To Islam, Slaughters Friends For Disrespecting Faith

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Devon Arthurs, 18, was charged by Tampa police with two counts of first-degree murder for the May 19 shooting deaths of roommates Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18. (PHOTO: Screenshot via Fox News 13 Tampa)

‘Wanted to bring attention to his cause’

Kindergarten Boy Rushed To Hospital After Chewing On USED CONDOM On School Playground

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school playground Shutterstock/PowerUp

‘It’s pretty clear that someone was likely having sex there’

CRIMINAL CHARGES Loom For 11-Year-Old Girl Suspended For Cutting Peach With Child-Proof Knife

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‘There’s no one there trying to educate and to be reasonable to say, ‘Let’s work this out’

DAILY CALLER PATRIOT: Shirtless, Flag-Wielding Florida Man Scoffs At Hurricane Matthew

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‘#merica Slayer Emma Watson #hmu #rainingblood’

Here's The SWANKY Mansion Ben Carson Just Bought For A Cool $4.37 Million [PHOTOS]

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Ben Carson Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich

‘It’s fully gated with a security guard on 24/7’

School Officials In Sweltering Miami Ban Mosquito Repellent, Urge LONG SLEEVES To Fight Zika Instead

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Zika collage Shutterstock/Ivan Kotiliar, Shutterstock/Fang-Chun Liu

People have looked for mosquitos at Miami schools, superintendent swears, so don’t worry

Teacher Who Speaks No Spanish Sues Because She Didn't Get A Job TEACHING SPANISH

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hola spanish Shutterstock/naum

She’s ‘otherwise fully qualified,’ the lawsuit claims

Public School Teacher Gives 'Privilege' Survey To SEVENTH GRADERS -- IN SPANISH CLASS

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Middle school students

‘Intersex,’ ‘cisgendered,’ ‘transgendered,’ ‘genderqueer,’ ‘pansexual,’ ‘mentally disabled’ …

EPIDEMIC: Two Women Arrested This Month For DOING IT WITH DOGS

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Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, Collier County Sheriff's Office

Is there video? Cops say YES!

Florida Teachers Unions Whine About Cash Incentives, Work To Preserve Miserable Equality

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YouTube screenshot/Clinton Global Initiative, public domain

‘Teachers out there working in trenches just as hard’

University Of Florida Professor: Fertilize Football Field With HUGE VATS OF PEE

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Getty Images, Davies and Starr, Getty Images/Joel Auerbach

‘That’s what I want people to think about every time they urinate’

Married, PREGNANT 26-Year-Old Teacher Victimized 16-Year-Old Male With Sex, Cops Say

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America’s young, attractive female English teachers strike again!

For-Profit College Owner Hired PRIVATE EYE To Tail Reporter

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Magnum PI 1200 Getty Images/Silver Screen Collection

The sleuthing didn’t work. Miami Dade College closed down Friday