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Angry driver gets a HUGE dose of karma

Proof that road rage karma is real and Florida drivers are THE worst

Baby given CPR on Florida highway stable

Miami Dade Fire Rescue was called to the highway where Sebastian de la Cruz was given CPR. (Photo: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue/Wikimedia Commons)

Amazing what a couple of samaritans stuck in traffic can do

UNAPOLOGETIC LIAR: The Rachel Maddow story

Watch What Happens Live - Season 9. Getty Images.

Two weeks and still no call?

Florida man shoots friends to get best bed

Photo courtesy of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

‘He wanted that bed they were sleeping in’

Pizza delivery boy screws the pooch

Joshua Webicki/

Cuffed after an unscheduled breadstick delivery

The best of Florida headlines in 2013

florida state sign

It really opens up the question of what is considered a rampage

Maybe the greatest beer trade ever?

Man tries to trade alligator for beer

Ah Florida. You never disappoint

Can a Florida judge allow a 'gut feeling' to prevent homeschooling?

American flag burning. Photo: Getty Images/Adib Katib

‘You know what, maybe the kids should have socialization’

WATCH this UCF running back destroy a Rutgers defender

That’s a solid hit if there ever was one

Student wearing forbidden 'Redneck of the year' shirt vindicated


‘It’s a way of life and I just didn’t feel like that should be a slur’

Florida pols to voters: you're morons and conspiracy wackos for not loving Common Core

Photo: Flickr/adrian8_8

State Senate president, a Republican, shows special contempt for electorate

Remember this guy? Charlie is back

Charlie Crist

Potential candidate for Florida gov Charlie Crist leads big as a Democrat

Rick Scott's success means an awkward election for Florida's Dems


As the national economy still struggles, Florida bounces back

Florida school sends letter home calling this girl fat

overweight letter. Photo: WFTX screenshot

‘She’s athletic. She’s solid muscle’

How to not get herpes in Florida

Also, Weiner and Spitzer

Herpes-ridden monkeys are on the loose in Florida

APTOPIX Brazil Golden Monkeys.JPEG

The infected primates are adapting and pose a public health hazard