Firearms Thwarted Alleged Carjacker Two Separate Times

US | Molly Prince
'I'm glad I had [my gun] on me'

Alligator Kills A Woman In Florida. Is It Time To Start Eradicating These Ancient Beasts?

US | David Hookstead
It has gone far enough

Prostitute Sentenced For Giving VA Employee Crack Cocaine For Veterans' Identities

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'Selling the identity of a war hero is as low as it gets'

Media Misfires: Firearm Background Checks Never Stopped in Florida

US | Molly Prince

$200 Million Of Cartel Cocaine Bound For US Seized By Coast Guard

US | Steve Birr
'Dismantling the crime networks that threaten the U.S.'

Concealed Weapons Background Checks Halted For A Year Due To Log-In Issues

US | Molly Prince
Permits were still being issued

Cops Try To Tie Up An Alligator. Alligator Responds By Wrecking Them [VIDEO]

US | David Hookstead
It didn't hold back

Grave-Robbing Witches, Prostitutes, And Drug Addicts Descend Upon Miami's Cemeteries

US | Joshua Gill
'Cemetery porn. It's crazy'

Jury Awards Just $0.04 To Family Of Black Man Killed By Police

US | Virginia Kruta
'I'd have rather seen a zero.'

Little Caesars Employee Shoots, Kills Attacker In Clown Mask, Police Say

US | Henry Rodgers

There Have Been Five Successful Or Attempted Mass Shootings In The Past 9 Days

US | Anders Hagstrom

Florida University Holds Separate Graduation For Pets

Education | Rob Shimshock

Dems Will Take All The Help They Can Get For Midterms -- Even If It Comes From Bill And Hillary

Politics | Julia Nista

'Nigerian Prince' Email Scammers Exposed

Tech | Kyle Perisic
American business lost $675 million in 2017

Publix Grocery Stores Facing Boycott Over Support Of Second Amendment Candidate

Politics | Nick Givas
'Number of factors'

Florida City Accidentally Sends Out Zombie Warning During Power Outage

US | Virginia Kruta
'...extreme zombie activity.'

What? Do More People Die From Rifles Or Fists In The US?

US | Anders Hagstrom

Florida Town Blasts Out Alert For Residents To Look Out For Zombies During Power Outage

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Extreme zombie activity'

BREAKING: Reported Active Shooter In Panama City Beach

US | Henry Rodgers
Developing ...

Florida Sheriff Wants Armed Guard In Every School Following Santa Fe Shooting

Politics | Nick Givas
'We’re going to shoot you'

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