'Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech' Workshops Take College Campuses By Storm

Education | Rob Shimshock
ITHACA, NY/USA - SEPTEMBER 1, 2017: Featured is the Clock Tower of Cornell University, which recently hosted a free speech/"hate speech" workshop. (Shutterstock/Mihail Degteariov)

‘Hate speech is political speech’

WATCH: College Republicans Kicked Out Of Coffee Shop For Wearing MAGA Hats

Education | Rob Shimshock
Two unidentified men display their support for President Donald J. Trump through the hats they are wearing during a visit to the National Zoo. (Shutterstock/John M. Chase)

‘Fascism! Nazis! You have three minutes’

Fordham University Investigates Title IX Coordinator For Questioning Controversial Campus Rape Stat

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
PragerU: "Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?" (Screenshot: YouTube)

The Title IX coordinator’s views were not in lockstep with the prevailing belief in “rape culture.”