NSA: Our Systems Are Too Complex To Stop Deleting Evidence

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U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Rogers and U.S. Air Force General Selva chat before giving testimonies at Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘It demonstrates that once the government has custody of this information even they can’t keep track of it’

NSA declassifies documents on domestic phone surveillance, essentially confirms what everyone knew

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(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Heavily-redacted docs shed no new light on domestic surveillance programs

Preview: The Senate's Wednesday NSA hearing

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Both sides represented

Judge says companies never protested NSA surveillance

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Earns Verizon

‘To date, no recipient of a production order has opted to invoke this section of the statute’

Feds demand web companies turn over users' passwords, encryption algorithms

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AFP PHOTO / Saeed Khan (Photo credit should read SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Anonymous internet industry source claims companies ‘push back’