NSA Bulk Phone Records Collection Program Expires Friday

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Obama administration could seek renewal after Congress’ failure to pass NSA reform

NSA: Our Systems Are Too Complex To Stop Deleting Evidence

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U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Rogers and U.S. Air Force General Selva chat before giving testimonies at Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘It demonstrates that once the government has custody of this information even they can’t keep track of it’

Court rules NSA can't keep metadata longer than 5 years

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A demonstarator holds up sign at "Stop Watching Us: A Rally Against Mass Surveillance" march near U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘The great majority of these individuals have never been the subject of investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’

Tech companies can finally reveal how much of your information they give to the government

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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder addresses media as Foxx, Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation, listens during news conference to detail the more than $300 million aid package for Detroit, which filed bankruptcy in June in Detroit

Government grants permission. Thanks government!

One of Obama's NSA panel members wants to dramatically INCREASE surveillance

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Michael Morell leaves the closed Senate Intelligence Committee meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington

Former CIA official wants to expand Internet data collection

DOJ asks FISA Court to reject tech firm push for surveillance data

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An undated aerial handout photo shows the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters building in Fort Meade, Maryland

The DOJ fears the information could be ‘invaluable’ to our nation’s adversaries

NSA declassifies documents on domestic phone surveillance, essentially confirms what everyone knew

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(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Heavily-redacted docs shed no new light on domestic surveillance programs

Secretive FISA court sides with Yahoo over disclosure of 2008 PRISM case - The Wall Street Journal

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(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

In 2008, lawyers for Yahoo sought to to avoid becoming part of the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program by fighting it in a case before the FISA court.

Google challenges NSA gag order in bid to repair reputation

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(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)

Companies served with orders from the FISA court are legally barred from acknowledging the existence of the orders or publicly disclosing precisely how many