Fox News Chief: I'll Turn On MSNBC 'To See if Their Blind Pig Can Find An Acorn'

US | Al Weaver

BREAKING: Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes watches MSNBC

Chris Wallace Pans Obama's 'Confused' Middle East Policy: 'It Is A Mess'

Video | Alex Griswold

‘We’re not in the lead.’

Martin Luther King's Niece Is The Newest Fox News Contributor

US | Al Weaver
Alveda King

Announcement made prior to 50th anniversary of Selma

Obama CLOBBERED In Head-To-Head Matchup With O'Reilly

US | Al Weaver
Obama Oreilly

The results weren’t pretty

New Poll: Three-Fourths Of Americans Think Obama Has No Clear ISIS Strategy

US | Alex Griswold
isis reuters

Even a majority of Democrats think he has no plan

Huckabee Slams Politico For Inventing Sexist Anti-Fox News Quote

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘It would be nice if reporters are going to write about a book, they would actually read it.’

Jonah Goldberg: Donald Trump Is The 'Bane of Humanity'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘Trump has a long record of clownishly pretending he’ll run for president…’

Shepard Smith Calls Out White House Over Petty Swipe At Fox News

Politics | Derek Hunter

White House omits ‘News’ from Fox anchors name cards, ‘remembers’ it for every other network

Fox News Shows New Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cover, CNN, MSNBC Refuse

Video | Al Weaver

‘It is our policy not to show potentially offensive images of the prophet’

Fox News Tops Ratings During Wednesday's Breaking News Of Paris Attack

US | Al Weaver
Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.09.25 PM

Fox does the job ‘when breaking news changes everything’

Fox's Shep Smith Makes NYT Reporter Eat His Own Words, Gitmo Style

US | Alex Griswold

‘On what matter did you think we were not careful?’

Judge Napolitano: In Gun-Free France, Terrorists Were 'Shooting Fish In A Barrel'

Video | Alex Griswold

‘They knew there would be no firepower whatsoever there to shoot back at them.’

'What Changed In 30 Minutes?': Fox Presses Earnest About 'Act Of Violence' To 'Act Of Terror' Change

Video | Al Weaver
'Well you know, Bill, this is still something we're looking into'

Report: John Bolton 'May Be Next' To Leave Fox News For 2016 Run

Politics | Al Weaver

‘He just wants to stay at Fox as long as possible’

Fox Host Grills Gohmert Over Boehner Challenge: 'Why Are You Doing This?'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘The numbers look like they’re not going to bear out for you…’

Sean Hannity Likes The Idea Of Louie Gohmert For Speaker

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘I support Louie!’