"Fake News" Is Still Subject To Freedom Of Speech And Press

Opinion | Michael McGrady
Mainstream newspaper showing "fake news." [Shutterstock - 556324534]

United States still is a marketplace of ideas and culture.

Amazon Continues To Be Hero Company As It Stands Up For First Amendment Rights

Business | Jack Kocsis
The Amazon Echo (Photo via Amazon)

First Ivanka, now this #GoodGuyAmazon

Taxing Religious Freedom

Opinion | Scott Weiser

It makes no sense to restrict the political speech of churches.

UCLA Professor: Students Blocked From My Free Speech Course

Education | David Krayden
LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 28: Students go about their business at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as the prospect of billions of dollars in cuts looms for California after voters turned down a suite of tax and budget-reform measures in a special election this month to deal with the massive state budget crises May 28, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. In response, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed sweeping cuts to social services including eliminations of cash assistance for 1.3 million impoverished state residents, making California the only state with no welfare program, closing 80 percent of the state parks, and slashing education and vocational programs and grants. Medi-Cal insurance coverage for dialysis and breast and cervical cancer treatment for those over age 65 would stop, as well as non-emergency care for undocumented immigrants. With cuts to prisons, rehabilitation and sentencing, non-violent, non-serious offenders would be set free a year early. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

‘I am a voice of a teacher who’s not going to go away.’

UCLA Free Speech Event Censors 'Islamic Totalitarianism' Book

Education | David Krayden
UCLA Sign: REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon/File Photo

‘A book that highlights the importance of free speech’

Like The Gipper Said, 'Obey The Rules Or Get Out' Of Berkeley

Opinion | David Krayden

The inmates had apparently taken over the madhouse years ago.

Berkeley: Birthplace Of Free Speech... Intolerance.

Opinion | Joe Alton
A vandalized Bank of America at UC Berkeley during a demonstration over right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. (REUTERS)

The intolerant Left has plenty of radicals willing to do what it takes to silence the average American.

Free Speech Groups Come To Milo's Defense

Business | Jack Kocsis
Milo Yiannopoulos (Milo Yiannopoulos Channel/YouTube)

Oppose boycott of his new book

Left Cries Foul As Group Begins Tracking Liberal Professors

Education | Annabel Scott
Magnifying glass and open book (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

‘A stock agency for photos of self-satisfied young white people’

Post-Election Crackdown On Free Speech Begins

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
But not by the winners

University Of Texas Champions Free Speech, Ignores Demands To Disband Conservative Student Group

Education | Annabel Scott
Entrance Sign to the campus of the University of Texas, a state research university and the flagship institution of the The University of Texas System. November 14, 2013

‘A role of the university is to help its students understand and respect the rights of free speech’

What The Outcome Of The Election Could Mean For Free Speech On Campuses

Opinion | Michael McGrady
BERKELEY - NOVEMBER 15: University of California, Berkeley students march through campus as part of an "open university" strike in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement November 15, 2011 in Berkeley, California. Teach-outs, workshops, public readings, and marches will culminate in an attempt to re-establish an Occupy Cal encampment that was shut down by police last week. (Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

I honestly hope that this isn’t a terrible M. Night Shyamalan movie we find ourselves in.

Is The University Of Chicago A Safe Space?

Opinion | David Horowitz

The university spoke out against restrictions on speech, but does it mean it?

Fancypants College Vows POLICE INVESTIGATIONS For 'Offensive' Halloween Costumes

Education | Eric Owens
Shutterstock/Elnur, YouTube screenshot/Tufts Admissions, Shutterstock/Kiko Jimenez

Tufts officials ‘have fundamentally inverted the meaning of tolerance’

The Johnson Amendment Restricts Free Speech

Opinion | Scott Walter
Catholic church imagery Getty Images/exxorian

The repeal of the Johnson Amendment would protect American churches from an overzealous federal government.

Fancypants College Fascists Call Student 'Scum,' 'F**khead' Over His FREE SPEECH RESOLUTION

Education | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/theparallaxreview, YouTube screenshot/Tufts Admissions

Did pro-censorship students say ‘f*ck you,’ f*ck off” and ‘eat my a**,’ too? YES!

When It Comes To Campus Fascism, Canada Is Way Ahead

| Josh Eisen
Free speech [Shutterstock/Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley]

Western University filed a police report against students for saying “Western Lives Matter.”

Janet Napolitano: Campus Free Speech Hero. Wait. WHAT?

Education | Eric Owens
Reuters/Larry Downing, Shutterstock/Billion Photos

College campus speech should be ‘loud and angry and in your face’

Apparently, This Harry Potter Character Represents 'White Power'

Education | Annabel Scott

A Wisconsin student filed a serious complaint against a mural in a campus dorm

The Tolerance And Tyranny Of Sally Kohn

Opinion | Dr. Everett Piper
Sally Kohn attends The Women's Media Center 2015 Women's Media Awards (Getty Images)

The left’s goal was always power, and now that they have it, they clearly intend to use it as a bludgeon against all who challenge their duplicity.