US Citizen Arrested For Criticizing Mugabe

World | Patrick Granger
FILE PHOTO: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe addresses a meeting of his ruling ZANU PF party's youth league in Harare, Zimbabwe, October 7, 2017. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo/File Photo/File Photo

Latest in long list of alleged human rights abuses

Student uses racial slurs to make point about freedom of speech, faces punishment

Education | Eric Owens

‘I was in shock. I was sick to my stomach’

Big gun-toting soldier statue stands at school where kid was arrested over NRA shirt

Education | Eric Owens

Pilloried police promise vindication when they are able to tell their story

Podunk prosecutors seek gag order against eighth-grader arrested over NRA shirt

Education | Eric Owens

Podunk bailiff threatens to arrest a journalist for covering story

Anchorman debuts by saying f*ckin sh*t on air [VIDEO]

US | Jamie Weinstein

Bismark, North Dakota viewers get straight talk from newcomer at NBC affiliate

Police arrest student for wearing pro-gun NRA shirt to school

Education | Robby Soave
'What they're doing is trying to take away my rights.'

A justified prosecution of radical Muslims

op-ed | Laer Pearce

UCI students are being prosecuted for trying to prevent the Israeli ambassador to the US from giving a speech on campus.

ACLU secures right to flip people off, including cops

Opinion | Robert Knight

The Pennsylvania State Police can no longer cite people for using profanity or making obscene gestures.

ROBERT SOAVE: Keep Congress and our freedoms safe - TheDC Opinion

Feature:Opinion | Robby Soave

Two congressmen are proposing bills that will curtail our freedoms without deterring future attacks.

The latest terrorist tactic: litigation

Editorial | Daniel Huff

Islamic radicals are using the courts to advance their agenda. We should be using the courts to fight back.

Supreme Court declines Bush bumper sticker case - CSM

US | interns

The panel, in a 2-1 decision, said there was no ‘clearly established’ constitutional right not to be excluded from a speech by the president because of a bumper sticker

Grambling under FIRE for speech restrictions

Opinion | Fergus Hodgson

The Louisiana university’s broad prohibitions on email may be unconstitutional.

Pastor Jones shouldn't burn Korans

Opinion | Jill Sigal

Just because people have the right to exercise free speech doesn’t mean that doing so is the right thing to do.

Defeated Senate candidate tries to collect consolation prize - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

Florida billionaire Jeff Greene is suing two newspapers for libel after being defeated by Kendrick Meek in the Democratic primary

How taxpayer-financed elections violate free speech

Opinion | Bill Maurer

The government’s effort to “level the playing field” by providing matching funds to government-funded political candidates is a not-so-subtle attempt to silence those candidates’ ideological opponents.

Moderate Muslims oppose location of mosque -- on religious grounds - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Stephen Schwartz, executive director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, said many Muslims question the placement of the mosque

Kagan's First Amendment solution: regulation - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

The Supreme Court nominee on hate speech and pornography

The budget or the burka - AP

World | admin

With national elections less than two weeks away in the Netherlands, issues like banning burqas have been shouldered aside

Freedom of Association lost on Paul critics

Opinion | Tommy De Seno

All Rand Paul needs to do to push back on his liberal critics is explain to them the Freedom of Association clause in the First Amendment

Monday’s SCOTUS decision sickening

Opinion | Hans Bader

The court’s decision Monday illustrates that the Supreme Court is a liberal court, not a moderate or conservative court. The court ignored the wisdom of the sages, such as the ancient maxim that “he who is kind to the cruel is cruel to the kind.”