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Lawsuit: White House Accused Of Hiding Politically Embarrassing Information

‘Executive agencies should consult with the White House on all document requests’

DC Court Rules Officials Must Turn Over Personal Emails In FOIA Requests

Jose Luiz de Oliveira, attorney for Jose Dirceu, chief of staff for former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, holds his mobile phone with an email from Dirceu, during the "mensalao" trial at the Supreme Court in Brasilia

‘I hope this ruling improves the transparency of our government’

Watchdog: EPA IG Report Provides Cover For 'Transparency Abuses'

‘No indication of bias’

FBI allowed informants to commit over 5,600 crimes in 2011

FBI Building

‘The million-dollar question is: How much crime is the government tolerating from its informants?’

Group sues FBI for records after Michael Hastings' mysterious death

Obit Hastings.JPEG

“FBI cannot comment on matters pending litigation.”

EPA inspector general to look into FOIA scandal

Robert Perciasepe

Acting administrator ‘going to get an independent look’

Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal 'no different than the IRS disaster'

David Vitter

GOP senator decries agency’s practices

Supreme Court: States can deny FOIAs from out-of-state residents

Supreme Court Patenting Genes

Unanimous: Limiting access to public records for non-citizens is constitutional

Obama administration agencies bomb transparency tests

Cause of Action gives administration a C-minus grade on FOIA requests

Sen. Vitter: EPA’s release of Lisa Jackson’s alias emails ‘fishy’ - DCNF

David Vitter

Says EPA hiding truth behind redacted names

FCC stays mum on ties to left-wing lobbyists - TheDC


Commission rejects numerous Freedom of Information Act requests from conservatives regarding net neutrality

Watchdog group sues for docs pertaining to Obama's illegal alien uncle - TheDC

Uncle Omar

Allegation: The ‘administration’s decision to flout FOIA and stonewall our records request suggests that there is something to hide’

Federal Reserve, SEC balk at FOIA requests - TheDCNF

Occupy Wall Street

‘Getting this information in anything like a timely basis… has been nearly impossible’

Want information from the FCC? Better be specific - TheDC

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

FCC FOIA denial rates higher than CIA for ‘records not reasonably described’

FCC reform bill passes House, includes FOIA reform - TheDC

Julius Genachowski

White House has threatened to veto the bill if it reaches the president’s desk

Congressman fights Geithner on transparency, introduces new FOIA-reform bill - TheDC

Timothy Geithner

Current loopholes allows administration to deny information about bank bailout

White House visitor logs: Obama hosted Rachel Maddow, six friends - TheDC


Three-hour visit was Maddow’s fifth to the White House

Mass. governor's office bombarded with FOIA requests by Romney campaign, DNC - TheDC

‘We have fulfilled over 250 public records requests in our five years in office and we will be happy to fulfill this one’

Justice Department drops controversial FOIA rule - TheDC

Department of Justice

Axes controversial revision to FOIA rules that opponents said would have allowed feds to lie about the existence of records

Grassley vows 'all necessary action' to prevent weakening of FOIA - TheDC

Sen. Chuck Grassley

Justice Dept. proposal would instruct government agencies to deny the existence of some records even if they exist