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Study: Battery Storage Far Too Costly For Practical Use

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'Waste of money'

REPORT: Polar Bears Are THRIVING Despite Global Warming

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Polar bear numbers have been stable or risen slightly'

REPORT: Carbon Capture Tech 'Will Never Be Viable'

Energy | Andrew Follett
The technology is 'little more than a utopian dream'

Scientists 'More Confident Than Ever' In Global Warming After Studying The Lack Of It For 15 Years

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Wait a second!

Solar Power Is No Longer Tax-Free In The UK

Energy | Andrew Follett
Saving $142 million by 2021

British Gov't Enviros 'Deeply Disappointed' Power Bills Will Go Down

Energy | Andrew Follett
How dare they prioritize anything over environmental concerns!

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Climate Models Warm The Earth Two Times Faster Than Reality

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'There is this mismatch'

British Power Bills To Rise 15% Due To Green Energy Policies

Energy | Andrew Follett
Green energy will cost the average British household about $13,703 by the year 2030

Report: Germany's Green Energy Policy 'A Disaster In The Making'

Energy | Andrew Follett
They can't admit they were wrong

Global Warming Law Would Cost Average Household $13,703

Energy | Andrew Follett
It already costs the average household $415

REPORT: Satellites Show The Global Warming 'Pause' Is Back

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'No long-term trend between 1999 – 2016'

Study: Increase In CO2 Is Literally Making The Earth Greener

Energy | Andrew Follett
'We were able to tie the greening largely to the fertilizing effect of rising atmospheric CO2 concentration'

DiCaprio: Communist China Is Becoming A 'Hero On Climate Change'

Energy | Chris White
'I think that China has made radical movements forward as far as alternative energy and ways to be sustainable'

'Propaganda': Top MIT Climate Scientist Trashes '97% Consensus' Claim

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Now they never really tell you what they agree on'

Global Warming Will Reduce Heat Deaths, Not Cause More

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Inevitably exaggerate future mortality increases attributable to global warming'

Paper: China Can't Be Trusted To Fight Global Warming

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'What we cannot expect are reforms designed to reduce China’s carbon emissions'

3 Reasons To Be Thankful For Coal This Holiday Season

Energy | Michael Bastasch
You won't hear this from the liberal media

Liberal Physicist Says Obama Is Wrong On Global Warming

Energy | Steve Birr
'Republicans took the right side'

CO2 Emissions Are Making Earth Greener ... Literally!

Energy | Andrew Follett
The excess CO2 is giving plants a big boost

Sea Level Rise Isn't 'Significantly Different From Zero' So Scientists Claim It's Accelerating

World | Michael Bastasch
'To reach such an important conclusion based on such statistics is not supportable'

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