Search 'Idiot' And Trump Shows Up

US | Eric Lieberman
Try 'side of beef' as well

OPINION: Google Marxism

Opinion | George Gilder
Marx was typical of intellectuals in imagining that his own epoch was the final stage of human history

Artificial Intelligence Experts Promise Not To Build Robots That Can Kill Everyone

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'The decision to take a human life should never be delegated to a machine'

EU Hits Google With Record $5 Billion Fine For Being A Dominant Monopoly

World | Eric Lieberman
'Changed the lives of millions'

California Congresswoman Says There's No Bias Against Conservatives In Tech. Here's Why She's Wrong

Politics | Kyle Perisic
Facebook, Google, and Twitter all have a history of censoring conservatives

Democratic Congressman Calls Social Media Bias A Conservative 'Conspiracy Theory'

Politics | Eric Lieberman

Lawmakers To Question Facebook, Google, Twitter Over Political Bias And Censorship

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Technology can be used to suppress a particular viewpoint'

Lawmakers Demand Answers From Google And Apple Over Potential Privacy Violations

US | Eric Lieberman
' ... recordings of users, may be used in ways that consumers do not expect'

Todd Rokita Urges FTC, DOJ To Act Against Google For Violating Antitrust Laws

Business | Kyle Perisic
'Google has vast insight and influence into American consumers' internet activities'

Facebook And Google Monopolize Ideas, Threaten Free Market: WSJ

Business | Kyle Perisic
'They can affect not only our wallets but our privacy, autonomy, democracy, and well-being'

The EU Is So Bad At Making Tech Laws That It Rejected One Of Its Own For Going Too Far

World | Eric Lieberman
'Fight to prevent large-scale and systematic filtering of online content'

Study: A Lot Of People Still Trust Big Tech Companies Even If Majority Think They Will Misuse Personal Data

US | Eric Lieberman
'People can be lazy'

Top Tech Company Offered An Artificial Intelligence Expert $6 Million, Showing How Competitive The Tech Wars Are

Business | Eric Lieberman
Help Wanted

'Common Practice': Google Has Been Letting Companies Read People's Emails

US | Eric Lieberman
'Common practice'

Tech Companies Are Engulfed With Low-Level Employee Protests, And Some Are Giving In

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'We are part of a growing movement, comprised of many across the industry'

Google Seems Sort Of Sad It Didn't Buy Popular Company That Was Acquired By Microsoft

Business | Eric Lieberman
'But it's OK'

Google Establishes Limits On Internal Debate Roughly A Year After Firing Of James Damore

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Disruptive to productive work environment'

Leaked Emails Show Facebook, Google And Big Tech Aim To Defeat California Privacy Bill, Or Pass A Weaker Version

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Tech giants have spent hundreds of thousands to defeat the privacy measure

Google Search Results Describe Justice Neil Gorsuch As A 'Lib-Owner'

Business | Eric Lieberman
Just weeks after equating the California Republican Party with Nazism

Report: Here's How Facebook, Google Trick You Into Sharing Your Information

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'Companies appear to have little intention of giving users actual choices'

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