The EU Thinks Its People Are Too Stupid To Sort Through Search Results

Business | Peter Fricke
Google and European Union logos are seen in Sarajevo, in this April 15, 2015 photo illustration. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Regulators chasing down Google

Net Neutrality Is Just As Stupid Internationally As It Is Here

| Seton Motley
Pro-net neutrality Internet activists rally in the neighborhood where U.S. President Obama attended a fundraiser in Los Angeles

Net Neutrality mandates that bandwidth hog companies never be charged anything ever.

This Company Is Aiming At Global Internet Access By 2019

Tech | Scott Cook
Young people use the Internet via the free Wi-Fi at the studio of Cuban artist Alexis Leyva "Kcho" in Havana

It’s the Internet space race, starring Google, Facebook, SpaceX and OneWeb

Hillary Clinton Hires Google Exec As CTO Of Likely 2016 Run

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

Likely Democratic frontrunner gears up for 2016

Patent Reform Bill Is The Law According To Google

Opinion | Erik Telford
People pose with laptops in front of projection of Google logo in this picture illustration taken in Zenica

Patent trolls aren’t as big of a problem as the tech giant would have you believe.

Currently In Power: The Google Administration

Opinion | Seton Motley
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt speaks on his book "How Google Works" at Columbia University in New York

Once again there is harmonic convergence between Google and the administration.

Google Execs' White House Visits Raise Ethical Questions

| Peter Fricke
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt speaks on his book "How Google Works" at Columbia University in New York

FTC dropped antitrust investigation shortly after meeting with Google executives

Google Had Unusually High-Level Access To The White House During Antitrust Probe

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Obama And Biden Meet With Tech CEO's At White House

Silicon Valley giant has averaged one White House meeting per week since Obama took office

Why The FTC Wanted To Sue Google For Anticompetitiveness

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Confidential report cites multiple monopoly-like business practices

'Googlegate': FTC Political Appointees Bury Report Alleging Search Manipulation

Business | Peter Fricke

Experts suggest Google escaped antitrust suit thanks to pressure from Obama

Google Chief: We Want The Feds To Import Consumers

US | Neil Munro

Women are not birthing enough consumers to keep Google happy

How America Protects National Champion Google In The EU

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland

Consider the facts about how exceptionally integrated Google has become with the U.S. government

Gawker To Be Penalized By New 'Fact-Based' Search Algorithm, Says Google

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Google CEO Larry Page (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/GettyImages)

‘In other words, they are considered less trustworthy than half of the websites’

Google Decides What Is Fact In New Search Results Ranking System

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Largest global search engine tests fact-based search results

Google Labs Has Cancer Detection In The Works

Tech | Nick Givas

Synthetic skin could prolong your life

Police Are Really Upset About This Cop Tracking App, And They Want Google To Turn It Off

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Sheriffs ask Google to shut down ‘police stalker’ app

Here Are The 10 Greatest GIFs You Googled In 2014

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Miguel herrera

And now we know why

Sony Hack Reveals Celebrity Gossip, Plot To Undermine Free And Open Internet

Opinion | Zach Graves
The logo of Sony Corp and a Christmas tree are reflected on the company's 4K television set at the company's headquarters in Tokyo

It’s in the legitimate public interest to know how companies are plotting against search engines.

The Military-Industrial-Googleplex is Creating Artificial Intelligence

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
People pose with laptops in front of projection of Google logo in this picture illustration taken in Zenica

What could possibly go wrong with Google creating military-grade artificial intelligence (AI)?

Wyden: Don't Give The FBI Backdoors Into Americans' Cellphones

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘There are no magic keys that can be used only by good guys for legitimate reasons’