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Google Grants Half Of 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests

A computer user poses in front of a Google search page in this photo illustration taken in Brussels

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo questioned

Google Might Turn New York Payphones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots

Tech companies meet to discuss free Wi-Fi for New Yorkers

New App Lets You Track And SELL Your Personal Data

NSA Taps Tech.JPEG

‘We need market driven change to help get the trust and realize all the benefits’

Netroots 2014: Liberal Ideology, Conservative Bashing... And Google?


Conservatives should consider what their online choices are supporting.

David Letterman Asks The Top Ten Questions About Google's New Robots

‘Robotic mule? You mean John Kerry?’

Google's Right to Be Forgotten Hypocrisy

A Google search page is seen through a magnifying glass in this photo illustration taken in Brussels

‘Google’s hypocrisy is legion in opposing Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’ court decision, and in implementing it in such a passive-aggressive way’

Google Tracks You But Doesn't Want To Read Your Mind

Screenshot from a demo video of the MindRDR (

Google says the MindRDR is not ok

Apple Points The Finger On In-App Spending

Apple lawyer sent email to FTC tattling on Google

Rush: 'Every Day It's An All-Out Assault On Essentially The Founding Of The Country'

‘We don’t have time to advance anything.’

Local Gov't Uses Google 'Waze' To Track You

The Mapping Crowd.JPEG

All in the name of ‘traffic management’

How Google Glass Can Steal Your Passwords (By Just LOOKING At You)

It’s a brave new world, folks

Who Deleted The Ex-CEO Of Merrill Lynch From Google?

Stan O'Neal of Merrill Lynch attends Chamber of Commerce meeting

This BBC journalist’s article on the ousting of Stan O’Neal is now GONE from Google search results in Europe

Want A Search Engine That Doesn't Track You? Try DuckDuckGo

You know the NSA used Google to track you, so why do you keep using it?

Google Ramps Up Bid To Dominate Music Streaming World


Songza bought by Google, hopes to compete with Spotify and Pandora

Supreme Court Rules Google Still Subject To Wiretapping Lawsuit

Google Privacy.JPEG

Data collection by Street View cars broke wiretapping law

Google's Latest Innovation: Cardboard

A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in Toronto

A simple and cheap virtual reality device