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Queen's Cousin To Marry In Royal Family's First Gay Wedding

World | Evie Fordham
The wedding's set for this summer

British Lawmakers Becoming More Receptive To Fracking

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Could they replicate the shale boom seen in the U.S?

Two Men Tried To Rob A British Army Veteran. He Slapped Both Down ... From His Wheelchair

World | Will Racke
'Used to the rough stuff'

Prince Harry To Wed Divorced American TV Actress

World | Thomas Phippen
The Queen wishes 'them every happiness'

Perv Disguised Himself As Popular Dancer To Get Underage Girls To Participate In Lewd Acts

World | Gabrielle Okun

British Doctors Council Votes To Decriminalize Abortion

World | Grace Carr
'Should be treated as a medical, rather than a criminal, issue'

Britain Bans New Gasoline Cars, Environmentalists Mad They Didn't Go Further

Energy | Andrew Follett
Could trash '800,000 jobs across the UK'

City Slaps 5-Year-Old With $200 Fine For Selling Lemonade

World | Thomas Phippen
'Have I done a bad thing?'

Truck Runs Over Anti-Fracking Protester Standing In Middle Of Street

Energy | Andrew Follett
Protester: 'We try to create a form of obstruction on the highway'

Theresa May Vows Brexit Will Go On

US | Henry Rodgers
'Fairness and opportunity at the heart of everything'

Offshore Wind Turbines Blamed For Killing Family Of Whales

Energy | Andrew Follett
'The sound kills'

Police Launch Investigation Into Activist's Bizarre Nazi, Fracking Video

Energy | Andrew Follett
'the use of Nazi imagery is utterly unacceptable'

First Private Fusion Reactor To Go Online In 2018

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Fusion power to be achieved in years, not decades'

The UK's Largest Teachers Union Responds To Theresa May's Education Plan. They Didn't Take It Well

World | Ted Goodman
'Strike action is a real possibility'

Gov't Getting Rid Of Taxpayer-Funded 'Green Investment Bank'

Energy | Andrew Follett
The bank had been endorsed by Greenpeace

Leaked Gov't Docs Show 'Toning Down' Global Warming Regs To Create Jobs

Energy | Andrew Follett
Work on 'climate change and illegal wildlife trade will be scaled down'

Here's New Drone Footage Of A Nuclear Reactor's Construction Site

Energy | Andrew Follett
The scale of the project is stunning

Ex-Chief Scientist: Our Advice To Gov't On Preventing Global Warming Was Wrong

Energy | Andrew Follett
'It turns out we were wrong'

Why Won't Gov't Tell Us The Costs Of Green Energy?

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Deliberate suppression of embarrassing estimates'

UK Starts Drilling First Fracking Wells

Energy | Andrew Follett
UK is one of the few countries in Europe to allow fracking

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