When It Comes To Environmental Extremism, Anything Goes

Opinion | David Schnare
Environmental protesters. (Steve Birr/TheDCNF)

When It Comes To Environmental Extremism, Anything Goes

Former Greenpeace Official: Green Movement 'Threatens Intellectual Gulag'

World | Kerry Picket

‘He is going to look like an idiot in retrospect’

The heavy costs of war with Iran

Opinion | Reza Marashi

A war would be expensive, unnecessary and counterproductive.

Sun Tzu versus Justin Raimondo

Opinion | Kerry Patton

The current methodology of fighting unconventional and asymmetric threats today in places like Afghanistan and Iraq has been proven unsuccessful

Iran opposition leaders cancel mass protests - Christian Science Monitor

World | interns

Denied permits, Iran’s opposition movement canceled demonstrations to mark the one-year anniversary of controversial national elections

On Earth Day, praise BPA

Opinion | Dr. Elizabeth Whelan

How could there be such a discrepancy between the scientific facts (BPA is safe) and popular belief (that it is posing myriad threats to our health)?

Path to a new Middle East rests on those campaigning for freedom in Iran

Opinion | Jamie Fly

Vice President Biden’s visit to Israel last week was the latest in a phalanx of Obama administration officials visiting the region to attempt to resuscitate talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians and conduct a diplomatic offensive against an Iranian regime making steady progress toward a nuclear weapon

Iran on the threshold: From engagement to comprehensive containment

op-ed | Patrick Cronin

Thirty-one years after revolution brought about an Islamic Republic, Iran is on the threshold of acquiring a nuclear weapon capability—if it chooses to do so.

Buying time for Iran’s Green Movement

Opinion | Christian Whiton

The mounting protests in Iran leave little doubt that the Tehran regime has entered its final decade. The mass expression of public dissent expected today coincides with the day 31 years ago when the Iranian revolution was launched. The Islamist theocracy that resulted commenced a low-intensity war against the United States and our allies, which has continued to this day and could soon get worse.

Protests in Iran today provide glimpse of fragmented state

Opinion | Reid Smith

Preparing for today’s events, the largest state-sanctioned political event in Iran, marking the 31st anniversary of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s return from exile and the overthrow of the Shah’s monarchy, authorities have enforced an information embargo on protestors in the Islamic Republic.