Texas House Passes Sanctuary City Ban With Stiff Penalty For Public Officials

Politics | Will Racke
The U.S flag and the Texas State flag fly over the Texas State Capitol as the state senate debates the #SB6 bathroom bill in Austin, Texas, U.S., March 14, 2017. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

Local officials could be tossed in jail if they don’t comply

Texas House Approves Bill Defending Israel

Business | Connor Moldo
U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis bids farewell to Israeli military dignitaries as he departs from Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel April 21, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

‘Rock-solid commitment’

'I Will Be Signing Into Law' -- Texas Governor Unveils His New Plan To Destroy Sanctuary Cities

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘End up behind the very bars they are releasing these criminals from…’

Conservatives Aim To Take On Union Dues Legislation In Texas

Business | Ted Goodman
Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks at a campaign rally for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Dallas, Texas February 29, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Stone/File Photo

‘End the practice of government deducting union dues’

Texas Governor Begins Sanctuary City Crackdown

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott speaks during an anti-abortion rally at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, July 8, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Stone

‘Stiffer penalties coming soon’

Beijing Says US Embrace Of Taiwan 'Poisons' Ties

World | Ryan Pickrell
Soldiers of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) hold guns while standing in armored vehicles during the military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

‘Poisonous to the future development of the U.S.-China ties’

Texas Gov: Sanctuary Campuses Will Lose State Funding

Education | Blake Neff
Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks at Dallas's City Hall near the area that is still an active crime scene in downtown Dallas following the deaths of five police officers last night on July 8, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Five police officers were killed and seven others were injured in the evening ambush during a march against recent police involved shootings. Investigators are saying the suspect is 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, Texas. This is the deadliest incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

‘Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses’

Texas Governor Announces War On Sanctuary Cities

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘The consequences will be so extreme for these cities and counties that they will have to follow the law.’

Texas Governor Says What Everyone Is Thinking About The Transgender Debate

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘We must get our country back on track’

Texas Governor On Supporting Trump: 'None Of The Above' Isn't An Option

Elections | Derek Hunter

It’s up to Cruz supporters ‘to figure a pathway out’

Who Is The Real Heidi Nelson Cruz?

Opinion | Roger Stone

She is currently on a leave of absence without pay from a position at Goldman Sachs

Cruz Rolls Out Another Endorsement

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer

‘It is our duty as Texas conservatives to support a leader we can trust to restore our values’

Lawsuit Filed Against Texas Law Prohibiting Harboring Illegals

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Undocumented Mexican immigrants walk through the Sonoran Desert after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Was part of a $800 million border security effort

Cruz Wants More Constitutional Amendments

Elections | Kerry Picket

‘The federal government and the courts have gotten so far away from the original text’

Texas Governor Has EPIC Response To Obama's Gun Plan

Politics | Christian Datoc
Texas Gov Hits Back At Obama's Executive Gun Plan -- Come And Take It (Getty Images)

POTUS announced plans to roll out executive action over the weekend

Houston Voters Strike Down LGBT, Transgender Discrimination Law

US | Casey Harper
A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California, Irvine in Irvine, Calif., Sept. 30, 2014. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

‘No one should face discrimination’

Texas Governor Says Cowboys' Defense Has More Holes Than The Texas Border

Sports | David Hookstead

More porous than the Texas border

Texas Governor Says It's Tebow Time For Cowboys

Sports | Neal Earley

Tebow hasn’t played in a competitive game since 2012