'The Five's' Tantaros Tells Obama To Just Stop Trying: 'Stick To Beer Summits And Birth Control'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘I don’t want him drawing a red line . . . and have us stumbling into another war’

How The Left Drives Itself Crazy

Opinion | Andy Patrizio
Demonstrators chant in the driveway during a protest at the McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook

If you tell people ‘anger is a healthy response,’ you shouldn’t be surprised when they act deranged.

Greg Gutfeld: The real story on Earth Day is 'how anti-poor the green movement is'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

Poor people ‘would love to have a carbon footprint’

Gutfeld mocks Jeb Bush's illegal immigration apology

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘An act of love for your country is respect for an actual BORDER’

Greg Gutfeld: 'The scariest two words in a white liberal dictionary are Allen West'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘If they see him walking down the street, they cross it and get fleeced by Al Sharpton’

How to handle your CRAZY LIBERAL RELATIVE over Christmas

Politics | Koala McDidgeridoo

A comedian explains

Greg Gutfeld's plan to fix Detroit: 'Put Trump in charge'

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘He gets stuff done whether you like him or not’

Gutfeld: 'A dead Australian is just the price you pay to be politically correct'

US | Jeff Poor

‘In the media’s eyes, a black teen is invisible until he’s a body’

Gutfeld warns tomorrow's Benghazi hearing 'irrelevant' if media isn't interested

Politics | Jeff Poor

Benghazi is ‘Scandal 101. Even Howie Kurtz could follow it, and he is an idiot’

'The Five' responds after Jim Carrey calls Fox News 'a giant culture fart' [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

Panelists agree comedy actor is way off the mark

Gutfeld rails against 'roiling bucket of sewage' Jim Carrey for second day [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

Co-host explains precisely why be believes Carrey has ‘tiny genitals’

Greg Gutfeld to Chuck Todd: Denying media bias is 'like denying science' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Says if you believe media is objective, you’ll believe ‘being born white is racist’ and ‘that choice matters before birth’

Gutfeld: 'Rumors of the Republican Party's death have been greatly exaggerated' [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The Five’ panelist says GOP can always count on liberals’ ‘inherent bankruptcy’

Gutfeld rips '60 Minutes' for softball Hillary-Obama interview [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor
Says the show has 'become the longest hour you can spend outside a dentist chair'

Gutfeld: Media has traded in skepticism over Hillary medical condition for 'simpering fandom' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The Five’ co-host questions ‘shroud of mystery over all things Benghazi,’ ‘fake hatred or outrage toward skeptics’

Gutfeld: Calling Republicans extreme is 'a compliment,' means party has 'a spine' [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The Five’ co-host says ‘extreme’ label created by a media that ‘really means mean’

Greg Gutfeld blasts 'ghoulish' Bob Costas, 'bigot' Jason Whitlock [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The Five’ co-host says NBC sportscaster and Fox Sports columnist are using to tragedy to score points

Why you should buy Greg Gutfeld's new book

Opinion | David Cohen

And why ‘Red Eye’ — and its host — matter.

Gutfeld: Obama 'rage over criticism of Benghazi far exceeds his rage over Benghazi' [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The Five’ co-host criticizes president’s ‘tough guy act’