Gutfeld: Democrats Only Ones Who 'Have To Wear A Disguise To Win'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘She’s pretty much cooked.’

Gutfeld: Obama Administration Has Gone From 'White House' To 'Animal House'

Politics | Alex Griswold

…And the media is to blame.

Greg Gutfeld Rips Liberals For Hypocrisy, Praises 'Exploding' North Dakota Fracking Success

US | Al Weaver

‘Reminder that when government gets out of the way, good things happen’

Gutfeld Savages Common Core: 'Making The Lives Of Kids And Their Parents Hell'

Education | Brendan Bordelon

‘Another government experiment sinking under its unbearable complexities’

Gutfeld: 'ISIS Is A Movement Of Sexual Losers Channelling Their Misery Into Violence'

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘Hence the allure of the virgin promise’

Gutfeld: Obama Only Golfed After Beheading Statement 'Because Fox News Said Not To'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘He’s like a sullen teenager’

Gutfeld: Media's 'Lopsided' Ferguson Frenzy 'Expanding The Suffering' In Missouri

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Politicians retreat in response to the media’s gaze’

'The Five's' Tantaros Tells Obama To Just Stop Trying: 'Stick To Beer Summits And Birth Control'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘I don’t want him drawing a red line . . . and have us stumbling into another war’

How The Left Drives Itself Crazy

Opinion | Andy Patrizio

If you tell people ‘anger is a healthy response,’ you shouldn’t be surprised when they act deranged.

Greg Gutfeld: The real story on Earth Day is 'how anti-poor the green movement is'

Video | Brendan Bordelon

Poor people ‘would love to have a carbon footprint’

Gutfeld mocks Jeb Bush's illegal immigration apology

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘An act of love for your country is respect for an actual BORDER’

Greg Gutfeld: 'The scariest two words in a white liberal dictionary are Allen West'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘If they see him walking down the street, they cross it and get fleeced by Al Sharpton’

How to handle your CRAZY LIBERAL RELATIVE over Christmas

Politics | Koala McDidgeridoo

A comedian explains

Greg Gutfeld's plan to fix Detroit: 'Put Trump in charge'

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘He gets stuff done whether you like him or not’

Gutfeld: 'A dead Australian is just the price you pay to be politically correct'

US | Jeff Poor

‘In the media’s eyes, a black teen is invisible until he’s a body’

Gutfeld warns tomorrow's Benghazi hearing 'irrelevant' if media isn't interested

Politics | Jeff Poor

Benghazi is ‘Scandal 101. Even Howie Kurtz could follow it, and he is an idiot’