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The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: How The Government Uses Taxes To Control People

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Plus, what Republicans need to do to sell tax cuts

GOP Puts Chopping The Welfare State On The 2018 Agenda

Politics | Robert Donachie
'The speaker believes he has the consensus to do welfare reform'

Norquist Says Vaping 'Freedom' Is Costing Democrats Votes

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
'Heavily taxed freedom'

A Simple Solution That Could Get Trump's Tax Cuts Through Congress

Politics | Robert Donachie
'A longer window allows to accrue some of the growth effects of tax reform'

Norquist: Wealthy DC'ers Against DC Estate Tax Reform 'Phony Philanthropists'

Politics | Kerry Picket

Health Care Replacement Bill Repeals Nearly Every Obamacare Tax

Politics | Ted Goodman
Tens of millions of middle-income Americans will get tax relief, according to ATR

EPA Staffer Uses Government Credit Card To Buy $15K Gym Membership

Energy | Andrew Follett
'The ultimate daily retreat'

EXCLUSIVE: Gravy Train Flows Wide And Deep At Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Agency

Politics | Richard Pollock
'One of the most unaccountable agencies in the federal government'

It's Time To Make Taxpayer-Funded Congressional Reports Available To The Public

Opinion | Grover Norquist and Zach Graves
The American public deserves to know what Congress knows.

Grover Norquist Says He Knows Who Leaked Trump's Taxes

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
He opens up on 'The Jamie Weinstein Show'

Grover Norquist On Trump Tax Plan: 'Would Dramatically Increase Economic Growth'

Elections | JP Carroll
Planned reduction in corporate tax rate makes Norquist optimistic

This Provision In The Trump Tax Plan Would Mean MAJOR Changes For Businesses

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'Right now we run a race against European and Chinese firms with a cannonball tied to one of our legs'

Enjoy National Wine Day? Here's What You Paid The Gov't For Every Bottle

US | Guy Bentley
The wine tax bite ends up at a hefty 32 percent

No Donald: It's Not Easy, Printing Green

Opinion | Burwell Stark
For a man who has earned a lot of money, Donald Trump is remarkably ignorant on how it’s made.

Grover Norquist Talks New Show, 'Political Plots Revealed'

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'Grover, among the left is seen as kind of a pariah, but in person he is a pretty nice guy'

Grover Norquist Hammers Dem Demanding Massive E-Cig Tax

US | Guy Bentley
'Let's not fool ourselves'

Grover Norquist 'Cheerful' About GOP Primary

Politics | Kerry Picket
'Every four years we go through this'

Grover Norquist's Wife Tweets Classy Response To NYT Writer Who Fantasized About Her Husband's Death

US | Guy Bentley
Grover Norquist's wife shames NYT columnist

Mapped: States Most Vulnerable To E-Cigarette Taxes In 2016

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
Here are the states most likely to be hit with e-cigarette taxes

Here's How Much Clinton Wants To Raise Taxes On The Wealthy

Elections | Juliegrace Brufke
'I want to go further and impose what I call a fair share surcharge on multimillionaires'

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