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Boston Police Commissioner: I Say Who Needs a Gun!

Boston Marathon Explosions.JPEG

He probably used a German accent when he made the statement

NRA President Porter: The Constitution Meets Two Professors

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House Summit on Working Families at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington

“We know President Obama plans to trash the Second Amendment through executive action”

Gun Regulations In Colorado Fail To Meet Expectations

‘Nothing good came of the passage of the law’

Rolling Stone’s Seven Steps To Winning The War Against Five Guns

Rolling Stone Cover

Rolling Stone continues the crusade against guns – because they have such deep subject matter expertise ya know

Bloomberg’s Proxy, Rep. Robin Kelly Of Chicago, Releases Congressional Anti-Gun Manifesto

Jackson Replacements Challenge.JPEG

Includes bans on “colored” guns and cartoons with guns

Missouri Law That Would Allow Teachers To Carry Guns Gets Vetoed

A woman training with a handgun. Getty Images.

‘Arming teachers will not make our schools safer’

Gun Control Scorecard Deserves Failing Grade

Gun Owners Train For Gun Safety And Home Defense In Connecticut

Gun control states with high murder rates praised by anti-gun group

Biden, Bloomberg Describe Second Amendment Supporters With Vulgarities And Slurs

Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the UN-controlled buffer zone in Nicosia

The Democrats have a long tradition of being foul mouthed to gun owners

Rahm Counters With Legislation On Gun Control, Chicago Style

Chicago Mayor Emanuel speaks at Center for American Progress 10th Anniversary policy forum in Washington

“Special Use” zoning designed to block gun stores for starters

Students Sue Ohio State Over Bizarrely Broad Anti-Gun Rules

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‘Ohio State’s policies are in direct violation of the law’

David Codrea: Gun-Grabbers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

California Gun Control.JPEG

“You can’t always get what you want.”

Court Finds That Terrorist Watchlist Lacks Constitutional Safeguards

Terrorists. Getty Images.

Veteran? Gun owner? Pro-2A? Terrorist?

Colorado Gun Laws Upheld As Constitutional


Judge: ‘A law may be constitutional, but nevertheless foolish, ineffective, or cumbersome to enforce’

A Pro-Gun Rights Senate Majority Is Key To Preserving Our Firearm Rights

A lone worker passes by the U.S. Capitol building in Washington

Should the 2nd Amendment apply only while serving in a militia?

Colorado Campus Gun Ban Proposal Dropped By Its Own Supporters

A woman training with a handgun. Getty Images.

‘Political football’ feared a drag on friendly candidates

No, It Wasn't Legal Pot That Doomed Denver's RNC Bid

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) gives a thumbs down to the Obama administration as she addresses the second session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa

The city just didn’t have the Benjamins

Wayne LaPierre: Let’s Prove Bloomberg Can’t Buy American Liberty

wayne lapierre horiz

“Bloomberg is one guy with millions of dollars – we are millions of people who believe in freedom”

Web Of Deceit? School District’s Internet Filter Chooses Sides In Gun “Debate”


The Second Amendment is now hate speech in school

Harry Reid May Call For Vote On Gun Control Legislation: Says, “We Need Some More Votes”

Harry Reid

Reid’s intention is to shame Republicans and pander to gun-banners