Celebrate, America, Because The First TV Channel Dedicated To Selling Guns Is Almost Here

Entertainment | Eric Owens
guns flag and Constitution YouTube screenshot/CleanTVcom

‘Live shopping. Fully loaded’

The New York Times Keeps Getting Its Gun Facts Shockingly Wrong

Opinion | John Lott
The facade of the New York Times building is seen in New York

The Violence Policy Center has more than triple-counted the true number of murders by permit-holders

Man Arrested For Having Over 7,000 Stolen Guns

US | David Hookstead

‘None of us have ever seen anything anywhere close to this’

Study: Guns Per Home On The Rise

US | Neal Earley
HK G 36 (L) guns are pictured at a show room of arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch during a guided media tour at Heckler & Koch headquarters in Oberndorf, 80 kilometers southwest of Stuttgart, Germany, May 8, 2015. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski

More owners have more guns

Brick-Wielding Assailant Killed By Pastor's Glock

Guns and Gear | Alex Pfeiffer
A Glock 21 handgun is shown during the murder trial for former NFL player Aaron Hernandez at the Bristol County Superior Court in Fall River, Massachusetts

‘When you cannot be safe in God’s place of worship, where can you be safe’

It's Time For Some Common-Sense Gum Control

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Wrigleys gum is on display at a store in suburban Chicago

That’s not a typo

Who Is Right On The Holocaust: The New York Times Or Benjamin Netanyahu?

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
U.S. Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks during the Heritage Action for America presidential candidate forum in Greenville

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might beg to differ with the venerable Vermont prof.

Remember: Cops Are The Only Ones Who Should Have Guns

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
US Guns on Buses.JPEG

Because they’re racist bullies

Ms. Magazine Asks If Mass Shootings Are About 'Toxic Masculinity'

US | Heather Smith

Need ‘a public conversation about hegemonic masculinity’

COULTER: The Problem Isn't Guns Or White Men

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

If possible, blame it on angry white men; when that won’t work, blame it on guns.

Ted Cruz Autographs AR-15 Receivers

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | Mike Piccione
Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz signs AR-15 parts

‘Ted is the strongest candidate on the Second Amendment’

Clinton Threatens Unilateral Gun Control

Elections | Kerry Picket
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Community Forum on Substance Abuse at The Boys and Girls Club of America campaign event in Laconia New Hampshire

‘If Congress won’t act,’ here’s what she’ll do

Obama On Confiscating Guns: Then And Now

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
US Guns on Buses.JPEG
Disarm the Secret Service and make the White House a gun-free zone

'Invasive' High School Journalism Survey Asks Students Why Their Families Have Guns

Education | Emma Colton
(Photo Courtesy of Michael Cargill)

‘This wouldn’t be answered in my home’

Strangling City Regulations Forces Historic Gun Shop To Close

US | Emma Colton
Various automatic handguns are shown in the weapons vault during media open house at the ATF National Laboratory Center in Beltsville Maryland

It’s been open since the 1950s

Cop-Hater Posts Video Of Himself Pointing Gun At Police Car

US | Emma Colton

They laughed while aiming at the car

NASA Creating Space Shotgun Strong Enough To Blast Asteroids

Tech | Emma Colton
Space Gun

If it works, NASA is closer to traveling to Mars

Here's What Trump Has To Say About The Second Amendment

Elections | Alex Pappas
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to attend the Jimmy Fallon show in the Manhattan borough of New York

‘I have a concealed carry permit’