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Yes, Republicans, job lock matters

Health insurance chief executives arrive at the White House to meet with US President Obama in Washington

People should be able to leave their jobs without fear of losing healthcare coverage — but Obamacare takes us in the opposite direction.

Obamacare enrollment is even LOWER than expected

The Grinch

Obamacare sign-ups by Dec. 24 were far fewer than the 5 million policy cancellations

Seniors lose insurance and doctors under Obamacare

Obamacare restrictions are rapidly destroying Medicare Advantage, leaving retirees without plans or doctors

Report: Over 17 million people will be eligible for Obamacare subsidy

U.S. President Obama gestures as he delivers remarks on Obamacare at an Organizing for Action grassroots supporter event in Washington
29 million would look into Obamacare exchanges as a health insurance option

Obama denies 'you can keep it' videotaped promises

Obama in the Rose Garden on Aug. 31. AP Images.

‘A lot of us didn’t realize that passing the law was the easy part’

Record number of adults using government insurance in 2012, Gallup finds - TheDCNF

Young adult insurance rate increases, rate for older adults slumps

State-run health exchanges in jeopardy as Obamacare decision looms - TheDCNF

California Budget

The future of many state-run health insurance exchanges hangs in the balance ahead of Thursday’s expected Supreme Court ruling

Report: Health insurers made their own straightjackets - TheDCNF

Earns Cigna

‘Health insurance companies ‘have no one to blame but themselves”

Hispanic voters furious about Obama contraception decision - TheDC


Proposed regulation ‘has caused an incredible amount of consternation and angst in the Hispanic community’

Obama's campaign defends church regulation - TheDC


Growing furor threatens to damage Obama’s already-weak support among swing-voting white Catholics

Report: Obamacare causing Americans to lose insurance ahead of implementation - TheDC

Aging America Boomers End of Life

Study finds many health insurance providers are already getting rid of plans they offer, especially small businesses

Poll: Voters say Obamacare 'has been bad for America' - TheDC


Half say health care costs have gone up

Santorum: Perry supported bi-national health insurance with Mexico - TheDC

Republican Debate

Debate attack latest in presidential candidates’ efforts to attack Perry on immigration record

New book reveals RomneyCare was model for health care reform - TheDC's Matt Lewis

Book may also remind everyone of what is obviously an inconvenient truth for Mitt Romney

IBM putting Watson to work in health insurance - AP

Doctor Watson

Supercomputer that defeated ‘Jeopardy!’ champions will authorize treatments for WellPoint insurance customers

Small businesses about to get HIT

Obamacare’s Health Insurance Tax (HIT) could increase health care costs for small businesses by as much as 15%.

Vermont moves toward nation's first single-payer health system - Boston Globe

While a single-payer plan was quickly dropped during debates over national health care reform, Vermont may become the first state to implement such a policy

Media Matters and reality on Obamacare

The progressive “media watchdog” doesn’t let facts get in the way of its support for Obamacare.

King Obama

Obama doesn’t really care about the Constitution. If he did, he would oppose most of his own bills.

Maryland going single-payer? - Insurance & Financial Advisor

The Maryland state legislature is considering a bill that would create a universal single-payer health insurance system for all residents