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Bush's third term continues

Bush might as well have delivered last night’s State of the Union address.

Cooking the books

How Obamacare is like a Ponzi scheme.

Calm before the storm - TheDC

GOP and Obama talk of compromise but circle each other warily, with eye toward 2012

CMS provides reprieve on face-to-face encounters enforcement

The reprieve is a good first step.

Does Obamacare have a Medicare problem?

Another reason for the courts to strike down Obamacare.

Arizona passes medical-marijuana initiative "upon further review"

Arizona’s new marijuana law is dangerous and fundamentally dishonest.

U.S. debt proposal results in program cuts - Bloomberg

President Obama released his deficit-cutting plan, which includes cuts to Medicare, Social Security and taxes

Save grandma, kill Obamacare

Obamacare needs to be repealed. Here’s what should replace it.

ObamaCare harms our troops

The new health care law mistreats soldiers and veterans.

Father arrested for smoke up with daughters - CNN

Colorado resident Jack Duke was arrested for allegedly smoking marijuana in front of his two daughters, ages 6 and 7

21,000 Iowans to lose Medicare plan - Des Moines Register

The plan, which is administered by a private company, will have the cancellations go into effect in 2011

Out-of-pocket spending: ObamaCare's silent killer

It’s the cost-sharing provisions in the health care law that should worry us most of all.

Workers, not employers, bear the (full) cost of health benefits

Debunking the health care cost-shifting myth.

Health reform: going forwards or going backwards?

It is not about going forward or going back. It’s about standing up to big government or bowing down to it.

Health insurers eliminate child-only policies, is it a sign of future cutbacks? - ABC

Elimination of child only policies unearth old tensions between health insurers and administration

OPINION: The health law's massive Medicare Advantage cuts

Seniors have every right to be upset over what ObamaCare will do to their health care.

Record 1-in-6 Americans on government assistance - USA Today

By 2014, Democrats’ healthcare law will add another 16 million to an already-strained Medicaid

Medical marijuana surplus leaks to black market - The Daily Camera

A new Colorado state law leaves legal haze surrounding marijuana surplus throughout the state

Navigating health reform

With so much happening so fast how can employers, insurance agents, consultants, lawyers, or insurance companies keep up with decisions to set strategies, make rational choices, and be legally compliant?