Why Herman Cain Tweeted Out A Bunch Of 'Twin Peaks' Screenshots

US | Thomas Phippen
Kyle McLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper in David Lynch's Twin Peaks (Image: YouTube screengrab/Twin Peaks)

‘Twin Peaks is not nearly the most surreal thing on our radar’

Herman Cain Reveals The REAL Reason Liberals Are Freaking Out Over Melania's Convention Speech

Elections | Kaitlan Collins

‘Don’t you people have anything better to do?’

Herman Cain Reveals The Advice He Gave Donald Trump At Beginning Of Race

Politics | Alex Pappas

Also says he would entertain job in Trump admin

2016 Predictions Even Though Speculation Is Not Journalism

Washington Gadfly | Evan Gahr
Wemple's wife remains a human pooper scooper

'Morning Joe' Calls HuffPost 'Absurd' For Treating Trump Like Celebrity

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Why didn’t they do this with Sarah Palin and Herman Cain?

Herman Cain Mocks Starbucks' 'Drive-Thru Race Relations'

Business | Alex Griswold

‘It does not work.’

Herman Cain To Charge $9.99 A Month For New TV Channel, Obviously

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘You saw that coming, right?’

Herman Cain: I 'Damn Near' Won The 2012 Presidential Election

Politics | Alex Pappas

Former Godfathers Pizza CEO has a rosy recollection

Herman Cain Urges Uninformed Voters To Stay Home: 'Stupid People Are Ruining America!'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Those of us that are informed have got to out-vote the stupid people!’

Herman Cain Stumps For Fellow 'Outsider' In Colorado Congressional Race

Politics | Greg Campbell
Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain laughs onstage after addressing the Faith & Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference in Washington

Steve Laffey latest to be endorsed by a former presidential candidate

No one on Jeopardy remembers Herman Cain

Politics | Alex Pappas

Aww Shucky Ducky!

Claim: Breitbart News charges tea party group thousands to cover event

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

‘The girls are screaming, ‘WE DON’T HAVE SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!”’

Herman Cain slams Obamacare rebranding: 'People are not as stupid as the administration thinks they are'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘These cancellation notices are not theory’

'That dog won't hunt': Herman Cain blasts Obama's health-care excuses

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘The American people are waking up to this’

Herman Cain reveals new defense to allegations two years later

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘I refuse to leave my reputation under a dark cloud’

Herman Cain skeptical about claims in new book on 2012 election

Politics | Alex Pappas

Former prez candidate tells TheDC I’m not sure what to believe’ about source of damaging leaks

Book: Huntsman campaign peddled Herman Cain rumors to press

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Revelation made in ‘Double Down: Game Change 2012’

What a TEA PARTY presidential administration would LOOK like [SLIDESHOW]

Politics | Koala McDidgeridoo

Start with President Ted Cruz

RAISING CAIN: Herman Cain emails erectile dysfunction ad to fans

Politics | Alex Pappas
Is this a "Boogie Nights" character or former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain?

‘Breakthrough: REMEDY for ED!’