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This hilarious video explains why college is so awful

‘We can guarantee that we might get you to the degree part’

These 'doctors' can't even give you a flu shot [SLIDESHOW]

Dr Phil

From Dr. Phil to Dr. Jill, these guys couldn’t take care of a hangnail

Cory Booker's plan would worsen the education crisis

Booker Stripper Tweets.JPEG

The messianic mayor sticks to the same failed ideas

Texas A&M president demands truly insane bonus, attempts cover-up

Defenseless Football.JPEG

‘Delete the attachment once you have read it’

Feds make everyone on campus a sexual harasser

The federal government, which regulates most US universities, has redefined ‘sexual harassment’ to encompass virtually everything.

What I'm learning in my political science class

My University of Colorado professor regularly bashes conservatives and conservatism.

Campus censorship, chilled speech and 'Unlearning Liberty'

On today’s college campuses, students are punished for expressing the ‘wrong’ opinions on controversial topics.

Gulags: the 10 worst ABA-accredited law schools - TheDC


The schools rank at the very bottom based on performance in eight categories

The definitive list of the 12 most expensive colleges in the United States [SLIDESHOW]

You could buy a lot of expensive stuff instead of tuition at these overpriced schools

How campus censorship makes us all a little bit dumber

Censorship is teaching students all the wrong lessons about free speech and meaningful discourse.

Analysis: Understanding the higher education bubble through Caddyshack

The original movie poster for the 1980 flick

The 1980 film Caddyshack is an accidental time capsule that proves the absurdity of college costs today

U. GLY: The least attractive college campuses in America [SLIDESHOW]

IUPUI in Indianapolis is a cement lover’s dream.

Albany, MIT, Drexel and others are waaay on the homely side — the buildings, that is

'Problem': Offensive speech. 'Solution': Censorship and vandalism?

There is little tolerance for free speech on our nation’s college campuses.

Can the government mandate that speech not offend?

In the wake of the Libya violence, expect more US universities to try to rein in free speech.

U of Central Florida punishes student, then rips off his idea

UCF senior Tim Arnold created a website that helped his fellow students find available classes.

STEM-ming college gender quotas

The Obama administration is preparing to impose Title IX on colleges’ science and math departments.