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What Do Trump And The Dems Have In Common? Wanting To 'Drain The Swamp'

Politics | Robert Donachie
'A Better Deal for Our Democracy'

Pelosi's Political Opportunism Is Showing

Politics | Julia Nista
She's 'all for' Dems opposing her... if it helps them win

The Bad News For Nancy Pelosi Just Keeps Getting Worse

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Harsh Reality'

House Democrats Refuse To Accept Reality About The Trump-Russia Investigation

Politics | Peter Hasson
'They would like to see this investigation go on forever'

House Democrats Just Tried To Impeach Trump. Nice Try

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Not even close

Smashed Hard Drives Can Still Talk

Investigative Group | Mark Tapscott
'Even if it is hit with a hammer'

Dem Blasts His Own Party, Says They Have No National Leader

US | Henry Rodgers
'There's not any major leader of the party'

Will This Super PAC Stop Ruthlessly Bashing Pelosi? NOPE!

US | Henry Rodgers
'Highlighting Nancy Pelosi's toxic agenda'

Amidst Calls To Resign, Pelosi Continues Excusing Her Failures

US | Henry Rodgers
'If Hillary Clinton won I might have gone home'

House Dem: Pelosi's Time Has 'Come And Gone'

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'We're still losing'

Democratic Rep: Pelosi Is More 'Toxic' Than Trump

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'I don't think people in the Beltway are realizing'

Democrats Focus On Retweets Instead Of Voters

Opinion | Scott Greer
Democrats follow up Republican fumbles with PR stunts that only please smug progressives

GOP Celebrates Pelosi's Win

Politics | Percy Metcalfe
'Democrats have become completely irrelevant'

The House Democrats Make History By Doing Something Historic, Historically

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

This 2014 Terror Watch List Article From Huffington Post Has Them EATING THEIR WORDS

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Hillary isn't the only one with 'evolving viewpoints'

7 Places We'd Rather The Democrats Stage A Sit-In [SLIDESHOW]

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Here to help

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Explains What In The World The House Democrats Think They're Doing

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

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