hugo chavez

Protecting American Interests Means Keeping ISDS in NAFTA

Opinion | Tim Worstall
These cases are compelling evidence that ISDS works

Sean Penn's New Book Slams #MeToo And Calls For Trump-Like Character's Assassination

US | Jena Greene
What kind of bizarre manifesto is this?

A Stalin-esque Nightmare Is Befalling Venezuela

op-ed | Alvaro Vargas Llosa
The reasons for optimism are as scarce as credible electoral records

Totalitarian Venezuela Gets A Glowing Lecture Series From Expensive CA College

Education | Eric Owens
For $69,260 per year, you can learn about the benefits of catastrophic inflation and eating zoo animals

Trump Sanctions Maduro For What Obama's Ambassador Does In Guatemala

Opinion | Steve Hecht
Under this approach, Guatemala would join Maduro and his authoritarian allies.

Venezuelans Worldwide Vote Against Maduro's Power Grab

Opinion | Gabriel Gasave & Carl Close
A dictator's power grab could determine the fate of millions.

Chavez Booster Gets Lifetime Achievement Award In Wisconsin

Education | David Krayden
'Venezuela is a country sunk in misery...'

Venezuelan Protesters Burn Down Hugo Chavez's Boyhood Home

World | Will Racke
Demonstrators turn against the former national hero

In Venezuela, The Fruits Of Socialism Are... No Fruit (Or Any Other Food)

Opinion | Joe Alton
As always, socialism fails.

Venezuelan Currency Slowly Getting Replaced By Pepe Memes

World | Andrew Follett
Making it harder for Venezuela's socialist gov't to control the tech industry

Venezuela Threatens To Seize Control Of All Bakeries

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Inefficiency and corruption that is paid for by the Venezuelan consumer'

Head Of Journalism Organization Compares Trump To Chavez

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
'Trump and Chávez have these things in common'

60-Year-Old Alabaman Home Depot Worker Is Venezuela's Public Enemy No. 1

Business | Robert Donachie
How does this work?

1 In 3 Patients Admitted To Venezuelan Hospitals Die

World | Robert Donachie

Venezuelans Fill The Streets In Mass Protest Against Socialist President

Video | JP Carroll
Want to collect signatures for referendum soon

Socialist Venezuelan Pres Wants To Fire People For Planning Democratic Elections

World | JP Carroll
People have got to go within 48 hours of the presidential order

Socialism Has Ruined More Than Venezuela's Economy

World | Robert Donachie
Malaria is back

FLASHBACK: Salon Hailed Socialist Basket Case Venezuela As 'Economic Miracle' 1,257 Days Ago

World | Eric Owens
Leftist goofballs proudly suggested 'lessons to be learned from Venezuela's policies'

Maduro Is Officially One Step Closer To Recall

World | JP Carroll
The opposition will have to get 4 million signatures in three days

Venezuelan Head Of Anti-Drug Trafficking Busted By US Feds For Drug Trafficking

US | JP Carroll
Brooklyn federal grand jury indicted the Venezuelan in January 2015

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