hurricane harvey

Actor Ron Perlman Implies He Knew About Weinstein's Assaults, Didn't Tell Anyone

US | Mike Brest

FEMA Rushes To Hire Enough People Before The Next Hurricane Strikes

Politics | Vandana Rambaran
'Stretched thin'

Scientists Predict Slower, Wetter Hurricanes Based On Unlikely 'Extreme CO2 Warming'

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'One should be careful taking these study results'

Alarmists Resurrect Dubious Claim That Global Warming Fueled Hurricane Harvey's Record Rainfall

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Global warming isn't making hurricanes worse

NOAA Scientist Says It's Totally 'Misleading' To Blame Global Warming For Hurricane Rainfall

Energy | Michael Bastasch
He debunks the talking point that never dies

Harvey, Irma And Maria Are Officially Three Of The Costliest Hurricanes To Hit The US

Energy | Tim Pearce
Hundreds of billions in damage

The Truth About Disasters And Global Warming Will Be Hard For Liberals To Stomach

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The most important caveat'

National Atheist Group Rages Over FEMA’s New Policy Toward Churches

US | Joshua Gill
'This is a jaw-dropping abrogation'

FEMA Changes Policy, Actually Gives Aid To Churches Flooded By Harvey

US | Joshua Gill
'FEMA is getting rid of second-class status for churches'

There Are Big Problems With Studies Linking Hurricane Harvey To Global Warming

Energy | Michael Bastasch
You should be skeptical

Melania Looks Ready To Work During Visit With Hurricane Victims [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'As Christmas and the New Year approach, I encourage people to lend...'

A Texas Judge Ordered The Release Of High-Risk Offenders -- Guess The Result

US | Anders Hagstrom
'A huge mess'

BAD SCIENCE: An MIT Study Linking Hurricane Harvey Rainfall To Climate Change Is Alarmist Bunk

op-ed | Rep. Lamar Smith
A continuation of the doom-laden climate rhetoric we have seen for years

Here's The Inconvenient Truth Behind MIT's Study Linking Hurricane Harvey To Global Warming

Energy | Michael Bastasch
The media didn't care to examine the facts

FEMA Reconsiders Ban On Relief Aid To Churches

US | Joshua Gill
'Tough luck'

The Energy Industry Is Stepping Up In The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

op-ed | Michelle Ray
Firms are adopting a very hands-on approach to relief.

Former Presidents Fundraising Campaign Raises $31 Million For Hurricane Victims

US | Chris White
'We hope this strong start ... is just that — a start'

Will Texas And Florida Really Need Immigrant Labor To Rebuild?

Politics | Will Racke
Americans available

Hurricane Nate Could Cause Nearly $4 Billion In Damage Along Gulf Coast

Energy | Chris White
'Damage will be concentrated on the Gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabama'

Hurricanes Expected To Knock 100,000 Jobs Off The Next Jobs Report

US | Tim Pearce
'The average hurricane since the 1980s takes about 50,000 off'

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