illegal immigration

Podcast: The 'No' (Mis)Heard Around The World

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Journalism is dead

Conservatives Stop Attack Ad Depicting Black Illegal Border Crosser

World | David Krayden
‘Trudeau’s holier-than-thou tweet causes migrant crisis...’

Trump Compares Immigration in Japan, Other 'Successful' Countries To United States In Tucker Interview

US | Scott Morefield
'Check out Japan, ask them, how if many have you taken in the last 20 years? You can count them on your fingers'

Obama Admits Out-Of-Touch 'New International Elite' Ignore Middle Class Interests By Exploiting 'Lower-Cost Immigrant Labor'

World | Scott Morefield
A stunning dose of populist truth from the former president

Parliamentary Committee Demands Action On Canadian ‘Border Crisis’

World | David Krayden
‘This is a big departure from any immigration policy this government ran on'

Ontario And Ottawa In War Of Words Over Illegal Immigrants

World | David Krayden
‘Intentionally doing this is irresponsible...’

'Do You Think We Should Abolish ICE?' Simple Question, Right? Watch The DNC Chair Try To Answer It

Politics | Julia Nista
Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez dodged the question of whether or not the the U.S. should abolish ICE Friday on MSNBC.

Illegal Immigrant Lawyer Compares Overstaying Visas To Getting A Parking Ticket

US | Julia Nista
Cesar Vargas, New York's first openly undocumented attorney, compared overstaying a visa in the United States to getting a parking ticket Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Paragon Of Virtue Rick Wilson Questions The 'Moral Standing' Of Trump Supporters

Media | Amber Athey

Snopes Writer Refuses To Acknowledge Glaring Falsehood In Fact Check On Viral Photo Of Immigrant Girl

US | Annie Caputo
did not respond to a second inquiry

OPINION: The Democratic Party Is Literally Calling For Anarchy 

Opinion | Bernard Kerik
The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the most radical elements of the American Left

Casually Racist? Dem Senate Candidate Says Illegal Immigrants Are 'Housekeepers' And Restaurant Workers

Politics | Amber Athey
Not a good look

Trump Doubles Down, Demands Illegals Turned Away At Border

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'Tell the people “OUT,"'

Pro-Immigrant Ad Uses Reagan And Targets Trump — But The First Four Words Step All Over Its Own Argument

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'Make America great by welcoming immigrants again'

OPINION: Gillibrand Represents Democrats' Open-Border Future

Opinion | Scott Greer
No borders, No ICE

The 'Families Belong Together' Movement Is A Farce [VIDEO]

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
'aren't even trying to hide their true feelings'

Illegal Immigrant Inadvertently Proves Trump's Zero-Tolerance Policy Is Working

Politics | Mike Brest
'The law is very tough, people don't have a heart'

VIDEO: 'Families Belong Together' Rally Attendees Want ICE Abolished And Open Borders

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
They have no role in a civilized society

FACT CHECK: Ocasio-Cortez Claims Illegal Immigration Wasn't Criminalized Before 1999

Politics | Emily Larsen
She has also called to abolish ICE

VIDEO: Crazed Immigration Protester Goes On Unhinged Rant, Then Threatens To Show Her Boobs

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
She was foaming at the mouth

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